China Coast Guard and Patrol vessels


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I always wonder what is the purpose of such large coast guard vessels, and my theory is that they can be used to patrol overseas sea lanes, such as around Africa for example, and would be able to assist in large scale evacuation of Chinese nationals in troubled areas. Another kind of mission would be for search and rescue of passengers in a lost airliner or cruise ship in the deep ocean area.
I think ramming is a coast guard tactic.


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also to "talk softly & carry a big stick".

Someone posted a link somewhere here to Andrew Erikson's ship illustrations of three classes of China's People Militia vessels with reinforced bows specifically meant for ramming. I thought that was amusing :)


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I dont know if this has already been posted. Acording to this article, china has authorized its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels.

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I think this is what the Chinese will call it "distorted and malicious interpretation" of the new coast guard law passed in National congress on the 22nd of Jan


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A while back there was talk that 2 CG vessels were built as IEPS testbeds.

Could some please point out which 2 ships are those? Are any details known about the IEPS system itself?


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Haixun 1105 entered the service on June 16th, 2020: 47.4 meters long, 8 meters wide, and 4.7 meters deep, it has a displacement of 370 tons.


Haixun 1105 was on duty for the rocket launch of the space station core module on April 29, 2021:


Inside the bridge:



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The 10,000-ton class Haixun 09 on sea trials.