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guys, do you know why r/china_irl is so critical and pessimistic of China? going on that sub makes me feel like I'm reading Gordon Chang everyday, but then again, they are the only fully Chinese subreddit. Should I trust what they say, given they might be much more aware of what is going on the country?

Also, what does the term 反贼 mean? I'm really confused; does it mean someone who is liberal and opposed to the CCP?
It’s reddit, it’s mostly Americans liberals and Chinese who goes there tends to be liberals unhappy about things are in China.
Reddit is also a circlejerk website by default, do not expect any sort of balanced discussion/analysis over there outside maybe...r/geopolitics.
There are tons of over the top nationalistic Chinese.
反贼 is the archaic, mildly derogatory term for rebels. Now adays it’s most used humorously to refer to those who heavily oppose the Communist party.

Also, no you cannot trust it as an accurate reflection of public sentiment in China, reddit is a Foreign circle-jerk website first and foremost and naturally breeds a spiralling, self-enforcing narrative.
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