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IF Trump were a member of our forum, what would he say or suggest???
It's hard to say what the Trumpster is gonna say in any given situation my friend??? but you gotta love him, he gives us plenty to talk about.. The Trumpster is a full on NEW YAWKER! He says whateva comes to mind, I do think he does really respect President Xi, and hopefully they can get their relationship back on track, and get through this current mess and get China and US back to business...

Blessings to you all, Happy Spring, here's to Peace, Happiness, Long Life, and Healthy Children, and Grand Children! its warming up here Gents, looking forward to Summer, praying out friends South of the Equator do NOT experience this mess, really, I have lots of friends in Africa particularly, one Chick has an orphanage, I'm just praying they are spared this heartache!


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I'd like to ask members what they think of Global Times's recent military coverage; I find it's improved significantly from where it used to be. I remember seeing a picture a while back of Hu Xijin sitting across a table from some PLA officers and I knew the moment I saw it that the quality of GT's reporting and sourcing was going to get a boost. I can't dig the picture up now, unfortunately, but I believe it was from around the time the "unofficial" channels of PLA reporting were starting to get squeezed.

In reading recent Global Times articles I find that the analysis isn't very deep, yet there's a commendable absence of mistakes and unfounded speculation. It's solid reporting, if nothing we don't already know. I believe it can be a useful source for beginners and people who have a casual interest in the PLA (like everyone who writes for The National Interest). Where Global Times can be useful is as a replacement for Minnie Chan and her garbage, which has a lot of mind-share in the West. You find her memes like "the H-20 is going to be in Zhuhai", "China launched 2 SSBNs", etc. repeated all over the place. Very annoying.


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Can anyone give me an accurate estimate of how many militias are in China? I can't seem to find any good sources for this.


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I've recently started reading the books
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, which was published in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Does anyone have any resources on how the quality of the bureaucrats has changed under Xi Jinping? How about corruption and meritocracy? Thank you.