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Could someone help me with my problem?

I have already logged-in but there is this strip that
states "Please Log in or Register to view URLs content!"

I click on "Log in" but instead of getting the "URLs content"
another strip appears which states "You are already logged in., etc".

What do I have to do to see the URLs content?


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That's odd. You might have to post more before you can see it.


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Does China have any awards similar to the Nobel Prize, or the Pulitzer Prize? I feel that the Nobel Prize has gotten politicized, for instance passing up WHO during the pandemic year to award the WFP to please the US. Also awarding Liu Xiaobo just for being a prominent dissident. Also giving Obama the prize for the nothing. Further, Feng Zhang being passed up for the CRISPR prize. Awards like this basically keep everyone reliant on Western approval. It is a soft power geopolitical tool to reward people who are liked by the West, IMO. Russia had the USSR State Prize and the Lenin Peace Prize.


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Genuine question: back in February, when it looked like China had utterly failed coronavirus containment (perception at the time), shut down economically, while the rest of the world was doing fine, was there a real possibility Xi would've reigned by the end of this year? Because, at that time, it felt like China, relative to the rest of the world, had been hurt significantly, and as a result, hurt Xi's support nationwide and within the Party. Nowadays, it seems support for Xi and the Party is stronger than ever, due to their competent economic and coronavirus management, especially relative to the rest of the world. But I get the sense the Party, and Xi especially were at there weakest back in February and I knew many people back in China were actively cursing him and the Party for their perceived initial mishandling (back in February). Would Xi have been forced out by the end of this year? Or at the very least, not been allowed to seek a third term?
Not a chance. Even at the worst time of Chairman Mao during the Cultural revolution or the famine during in the 1950's 1960's where so many people died, nobody can boot out the highest party chairman. People waited until Mao died, and until then reforms can be made. There is simply no way to fire the chairman as there is no check and balance in the Chinese system. Unless probably if the chairman is incapacitated.

That is why the party is very careful in selecting leader-in-waiting because of too much power the party chairman holds. There were many instances, Chinese leaders in waiting were purged by single mistake.

While in most countries, political leadership lost their power when their military turn against them during extreme political upheaval. There are many examples, Philippines, Thailand, etc. Most of these militaries, are sworn to allegiance to the constitution and the state. In the Chinese system, the military swore allegiance and loyalty to the party which is implied to the state. And the Xi Jinping, the current chairman happens also has the highest authority of the military. ( It is possible that the Chinese military is controlled by a different person other than the party chairman. For example, the first few years of Hu Jintao term, the military is still controlled by Jiang Zemin.)

The very recent example to this is in Belarus, Thailand again or Venezuela. No amount of protests can remove the political leadership unless the military turn against them.

Mao maynot be very bright but he had studied Chinese history and correctly conclude: Political power grows out from the barrel of a gun.


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Hello, is there a known bug with following thread notifications? I have several thread sfollowed and I do get notifications when they update, but after a period of time (1 week?) the notifications stop.