2020/2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics


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you can try to get a vpn with a chinese ip address (maybe hk ip will work too?) to try watching off cctv official website. There are some unofficial feeds on some random websites and android apps (not found in google play) if you look hard. I wouldn't install the app unless it was on a emulator or some box without my official accounts though.
Thanks. Let me try. I have winscribe. I was hoping for an app for my ipad. But browser is fine


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What the friggin….




My reaction after watching this...

Several thoughts came to my mind after seeing the....art of the Tokyo Olympics
1) This is the sort of "art" new york elites love, consistent with their "spirit cooking" rituals.
2) Japan is really, really traumatised as a culture from the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which when combined with their obsession with death as a culture would make this opening ceremony uniquely japanese.
3) The horror of radiation poisoning and the aftereffects of nuclear attack are always understated in the anglo led west.
4) Usually you'd think of olympics opening ceremonies as a family friendly affair. This opening ceremony looked more like a demon summoning hell raiser ritual than anything else.
So China won the first gold, now it looks like it may win the second gold medal (in weightlifting.. who says Asians aren’t strong?). Go China go!
Yup, second gold has been got. Hou Zhihui (featherweight) was supposed to go to Rio but due to last minute injury, was subbed out for super heavy Meng Suping (who managed to win the gold despite having stopped training since she thought didn't make the Olympic team, leaving a very cute and disappointed chubby North Korean whose facial expression was good enough for a meme). Her main opponent was an Indian who holds the current clean and jerk world record, which is an incredibly rare occurance; as a matter of fact, I think the first in history. Hou did not perform as she has hoped because she found she was still slightly overweight at the time of weigh in and had to jog to sweat it off causing her to be slightly tired and out of form. She did not challenge any of the three world records (the snatch and total, which are hers) but won handily anyway opening a 7kg lead in the snatch over the Indian and then finishing her off with another kg in the clean and jerk. That Indian, by the way, looks like an East/Southeast Asian.

The US had a chance to win a bronze medal today, but bombed the clean and jerk failing all 3 attempts cus her coach opened her on too high a number. The bronze went to Indonesia, to a lady so thin and delicate-looking you can't believe she's a weightlifter.

By the way, China is the most dominant country in weightlifting by far and expected to win 8 golds out of 14 total, 1 for every entry up to the maximum allowed. In world weightlifting competitions, China can win 10/14 gold medals leaving scraps to the rest of the world, so regarding that "who says Asians aren't strong?" comment, the answer is no one who watches weightlifting. The most exciting competition will be the men's 81kg where 37 year old Lu Xiaojun, current world record holder in the snatch and clean and jerk, will contend for his third Olympic gold medal. His second gold will be retrospectively rewarded from Rio, where the Kazakh who "beat" him was found guilty of urine substitution on his drug test. Anyway, any questions on weightlifting, just ask me.
First Gold. Congratulation Yang Qian!
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That was some crazy ass shit. Yang was down 0.7 points to the Russian coming into the last shot. That's almost impossible to make up since they'd both been shooting 10.3-10.7 (max 11) the whole time but the Russian totally botched it and made an 8.9 on her last shot. Yang was nervous too and scored only a 9.8 on her last shot but the Russian's mistake was big enough to land Yang the gold. I would say very clutch, but it's mostly the Russian's fault. Reminds me of one time in maybe the London games where an American shooter was sure to win the gold with a massive lead but then hit a 4 on his last shot and totally lost it.
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