2020/2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics


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The opening ceremonies haven't been aired yet in the US so from what I gather it looks like small town high school stage play being performed on a giant venue. The biggest part it looks like was the drone show. The American host commented that she's never seen something like before and probably has never been done before this. Shows how ignorant Americans are to what's going on in the world and that's how they want it.
Even in the US they did some of these drone shows.


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So the highlight of their opening was a drone globe that China has been doing for years (probably using DJI drones as well)

Really shows how far Japan has fallen behind not just in terms of tech but organisational capacity. This whole event was a crapfest.
Did you see their procedures for the tourists visiting the country

From what I heard they had like 12 (!) checkpoints and the whole process would take almost 3 hours for all this bureaucratic mess lol

It was like Japan had a separate Olympics event for who could create a more bureaucratic and convoluted system haha


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What the friggin….




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