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Does anyone know what happened to the Z-10s Pakistan will buy?

So far Pakistan will not buy Z-10, even if it is again on the table since Turkey cannot deliver the T129 as contracted due to an engine embargo. As such when Turkey cannot deliver them, Pakistan needs an alternative.


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Türkiye, motor ambargosu nedeniyle T129'u sözleşmeli olarak teslim edemediğinden, Pakistan yine masada olsa bile Z-10'u satın almayacak. Türkiye bunları teslim edemediğinde, Pakistan'ın bir alternatife ihtiyacı var.
Why won't he get the Z-10?


Seems as if the T129 won the original RfP due to allegedly better performances ... but no engines, means no deal and as such - since the AH-1Z deal also stalled - the Z-10 is IMO the only viable option, esp. when the PA needs them soom.
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The latest versions of the WZ-9 engine have more power and China now also has the WZ-16 engine.
The latest versions of the Z-10 don't have those limitations.