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you didn't see it, i didn't post it.


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Re: the real WZ 10

Hmm....I don't know, it seems like a psed apache.

1) The tailwind from the helo has absolutely no afffect on the nearby trees.

2) There is no signs of heat coming from the engines, both for the "wz-10"
and the flanker (or is that a j-11b?)

3) The color scheme is inconsistent, if your look closely you can see that the
tail has some kind of redish glow to it.

4) This pic contradicts many of the cgi pics out there, the engine seems
englarged and the chain gun looks....familiar....seems too small to be a 25- 30mm, and i dont think the Plaaf have any lower calibor cannons....

5) Notice the blurry outline of the background behind the "wz-10," the water tower and the tree line is blurry, yet the wz-10 appears to be better quality then the j-11. From eyeing it the distance looks to be 100-300 yards?

6) Where are the ground crew? It's not like the wz-10's going to travel far.....
Remember..."it dosen't exist"

Btw what is your source? I'm more interested in the flanker. Does anyone know if its a prototype of a j-11 variant? I also dont that that the "hump" behind the cockpit is normal.......I believe the standard color for prototypes is yellow?

Where is this??? And how the hell do people get this close to a military airfield testing for "aircrafts that do not exist."

Im probrably just a skeptic, but until some further proof comes, im going to go with that its a ps.....

If i was taking pictures... i would definitely get more thne one pic.....
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Re: the real WZ 10

The 'Wz-10' is PS'ed, no doubt. However, I dont blame you for trying. Finding real photos of the aircraft is very dificult. I dont suspect you for making it, but it is clearly a photoshop.

The most obvious thing is that typicaly they dont make flights like this when a jet is taking off. It is just too dangerous to have two aircraft flying in such close a manner as these two are. It's probably a PS'ed EU Tiger.

But the airplane looks real. It is dificult to see, but there is a heat trail coming from it (you can see the wavering heat-lines. Though this, admitedly can be photoshoped as well). It is just that the engines arent obviously generating any heat, which is bizzare...


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Re: the real WZ 10

I don't think it's a PS ... even if I agree with these "strage" circumstances "Two prototypes at the same time" ... what a jack-pot ! :D

But I would follow crobato's aguments posted at the CDF:

crobato said:
I decided to take a close look at the picture, subjecting it high magnifications.

Sorry no, its not a PS. You can see just right under the WZ-10 there is background blur from produced by the heat and winds produced by the helo. The weapons are too low res to be cut and paste and the pixel jaggies are consistent with the rest of the picture.

There are also blurs caused by the heat of the J-11's engine's just right at the back of the nozzle. Oddly enough there is the tail of a third aircraft whose body is obscured by the thermal blur.

Ohhh ... these are so interesting and exciting times .... :D



Re: the real WZ 10

If it is a PS, i would say this is a good one. It could fool a lot of people out here, including me.


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Re: the real WZ 10

The picture is taken with a telephoto. There is actually some distance between the helicopter and the plane. But because of the telephoto distortion, the perspective looks flattened and everything seems much closer than they actually were.

The J-11 has a shadow on the ground.

All the lighting is consistent in one direction, including the Z-10. Note the radar dome behind the J-11. You can see from its highlight and shadow the direction of the light source.

In addition to the thermal blur underneath the Z-10, you can see the ground being kicked up by the wind of the rotor blades. Look at the ground underneath the Z-10 and compare to the ground to the right and front of the J-11. If you use photoshop and remove the Z-10 from the picture, it becomes more obvious from the effects of the ground that something was supposed to be hovering over the area where there is wind blur.


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Re: the real WZ 10

Nope not a apache, apaches do not have stacked up cockpits, they are connected in a AH-64. That does not look like a tiger either, only the cockpit looks sorta like a tiger. Anyway this looks too much like it has been photo shoped. The scale between the flanker and helicopter are totally wrong. I doubt this is real. That flanker could be a new made J-11, Before new made J-11s enter service, they are painted in the color in the picture.


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Re: the real WZ 10

Could have been a credible PS (like the one on sinodefence) but the J-11B with WS-10 Engine on the same picture aswell is just more then luck for the guy who tooked that picture