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The English drone T-600 was equipped with a torpedo, military exercise REPMUS. During the NATO exercise REPMUS in Portugal, the British companies BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics, as well as the American company L3 Harris, showed a T-600 drone armed with a torpedo. Earlier, the Ukrainian army also received similar drones. The T-600 electric drone is capable of carrying a payload of up to 200 kg over a range of up to 80 km and reaches speeds of up to 140 km/h. REPMUS is a Portuguese-led exercise aimed at developing unmanned technology. During the exercise, the T-600 drone dropped the Sting Ray anti-submarine torpedo for the first time. In addition to dropping torpedoes, the T-600 drone will be used to evacuate the wounded and deliver cargo to ships.



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HMS Queen Elizabeth: Aircraft carrier unexpectedly returns to Portsmouth amid speculation of needing repairs​

Royal Navy flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth has unexpectedly returned to her home port in Portsmouth, with speculation circulating that she needs urgent repairs.

The aircraft carrier arrived just before midnight last night (Sunday), leaving many surprised to find her in Portsmouth Dockyard this morning. She was not expected to be back in the city until mid November.

A number of aircraft - which normally join or leave the warship once she is out at sea - can be seen on her flight deck, with reports circulating on social media that she rushed home for urgent repairs to her lift.

HMS Queen Elizabeth was on her Autumn deployment as the UK Carrier Strike Group flagship after being deployed on September 8. The crew onboard the aircraft carrier have joined forces with their allies and the RAF to carry out ferocious strike missions – testing their capabilities to the limit.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: “HMS Queen Elizabeth has returned to port for a logistics stop and a short period of maintenance.”

Unexpected to some, perhaps.

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AJAX Fighting Vehicle.JPG
Update on AJAX

So there will be various versions of the AJAX armored fighting vehicle:
All variants can pick between these for a secondary Remote Weapon Station (RWS):
7.62 mm General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG), 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Gun (HMG), or 40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG)

AJAX regular - 40mm stabilized cannon, direct fire support, reconnaissance.
ATLAS - recovery option with 30 metric tons of winching power.
ARGUS - battlefield engineering variant.
ATHENA - command and control variant.
APOLLO - a 5 ton crane repair variant.
ARES - specialist troop carrier.

The British Armies fleet of 589 AJAX is currently housed/gone through testing at Salisbury Plain and is said to be ready for full deployment. Next year it's suggested that AJAX will be able to be operationally deployed and issued to troops, so far reports say it's nimble and reliable and an improvement over the CVRT's they were last issued for this role. The CVRT being an analog system compared to the AJAX's digital systems.


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