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bd popeye said:
When I went to school in ancient times..1957-1971.. we did not get homework over the summer.
Same for me popeye. Graduated in 1974.

Nowadays it's all about money, federal funding, unions, and lobbying...all of those are coming before a good education IMHO.

In Texas, we got out for summer vacation the 1st week of June and went back the day after Labor Day.

bd popeye said:
I work for an education facility that;

... Area Education Agency is one of nine Iowa area education agencies (AEAs) established
by the Iowa Legislature in 1975 to provide equity in educational programs across the state.
Iowa’s AEAs work as educational partners with local public and accredited private schools to help
assure that all children reach their potential. Iowa AEAs are widely regarded as one of the foremost
regional service systems in the country, offering programs equitably, efficiently, and economically
on a regional or cooperative basis among school districts.
Translation.. they spend a lot of money..lots of it. Tons of it..I think some of the money could be used to bolster individual students education...But what do I know? I'm just a maintenance man.

Do not hold others back because some are slow. Have programs to help the slow, but let the achievers do all they can.


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things really bother me...

homeless people asking for cigrettes near entrance to NY Penn Station

people who either use excessive amount of cologne/perfume or do not use it to cover up their sweaty/armpit smell

people who fart in the subway (ohhhh the suffer!)

drivers who text while driving, under the influence

my grandparents who would always want me to eat more :):):)

bd popeye

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The whole ALS ice bucket challenge. If you want to donate to ALS, a horrible debilitating disease, Just donate to them . No need to dump a bucket of ice water on your head.


$64 million since the whole thing started ain't too shabby. It's probably more a gimmick to get people to donate. It was pretty unclear how it was suppose to work anyway. Yeah... pour a bucket of ice water on your head or else donate a $100. Seems like people are doing both on the most part.

bd popeye

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$64 million since the whole thing started ain't too shabby. It's probably more a gimmick to get people to donate. It was pretty unclear how it was suppose to work anyway. Yeah... pour a bucket of ice water on your head or else donate a $100. Seems like people are doing both on the most part.
A.Mace is of course spot on! $64 Million! That's not chump change. Great for the ALS research.

I posted this in the Chinese Daily photo thread about the ice bucket ALS challenge..

To be honest at first I thought it was dumb too.. I mean why bother with the silly activity .. just write a check to the ALS foundation and shut up!!

With that being said I have however since changed my mind. Why you asked? because I forgot to take 'human silliness, bragging and playfulness into the equation'.

The truth is however silly this lil activity is, the fact is it has brought much needed attention to the ALS cause and that donations to the ALS Foundation have increased significantly because of the ice bucket challenge gone viral.
So I guess the mantra of whatever it takes to make it work for a good cause I'm all for it.

If it means riding a donkey down a water slide to make more people donate than more power to it.
I donate only to my Church and Navy Relief. And both organizations give away money as needed. Our church supports many different organizations.

And...I'm a nearly 61 years old...I refuse to do silly stunts, play practical jokes etc etc.... I told one of my church brethren once;

"What many folks see as "fun" I just see as silly".

I sure this comes from when I was growing up. My dad did not allow us a free range of play. Our fun was limited. Many times he'd say "Play time is over". And he meant it.

As far as ALS is concerned it would be very worthwhile to donate to their cause. ALS..Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a debilitating disease of the central nervous system.It is progressive disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Gradually robbing a person of his/her motor skills.

When I was a kid I was a baseball fanatic. I loved to go to the library and study baseball statistics. Especially the players from years past. I'm memorize the stats. That is how I learned about NY Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig and his struggle with ALS. For many, many years ALS was commonly know as, and still may be, Lou Gehrig's Disease. Lou Gehrig was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. I read a boys book about him when I was about 9 years old.

bd popeye

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How many of you guys visit Quite a few I'm sure.. I've been a member there since May 2007 and have over 10,000 post.

Enywho their front title page has been frozen for about eight hours..

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I thought it was me but something is amiss there. Maybe they got hacked. I don't like it because I keep track of how many hits I get on my threads and the photos I post....NOW that number will get cut down because their front page is frozen and guys won't see my new post unless they actually enter the forum and look for them...Oh well..I'll live!

I hope "Hood" gets it fixed soon.


People in a group walking slowly and fanning out to cover the whole corridor so you can't pass them. People standing and chatting in a group right in front of the stair entrance oblivious to the movement of others around them.


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Young people (it's funny that I'm saying this because I'm only 19 but oh well) who think that their idols are FREAKKING GODS AND GODESSES and take whatever they say as if they're words from the Bible! It's all good if these idols actually do sensible stuff and do good things and set good examples but sadly most of the time this isn't the case

Another one is studpidity. I'm not referring to those who's disadvantaged at birth, I'm referring to those who's perfectly mentally and psychologically healthy but just plain refuse to learn knowledge and logic and reasoning.

What irritates me more? They actually take pride in it and make fun of people who are smart, who work hard at school, who actually try their best to learn from teachers.