The Q-5, J-7, J-8 and older PLAAF aircraft

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Three more J-16 serial numbers

J-16 No. 56 (the tail number should be 70596),
the young pilot may come from the 99th Brigade(trained by the pilot from the 98th), but the J-16 behind was from the 98th Brigade
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J-16 No. 87 (the tail number should be 70897)
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The footage above and a few other presentations were shot in front of the maintenance hangar at Baishiyi AB of the 98th Brigade
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Back to the large hargar at Hotan AB, J-16 No. 45, safe to say it's from the 99th Brigade, so the tail number should be 71405
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What the 99th Brigade(formerly the 99th Regiment of the 33th Division) used to fly
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So as it seems, another J-7s are getting replaced. I believe it is safe to assume the 2020s is the last decade for frontline J-7s and for the few J-8s left.


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even this day and age j-8 still has a role as an interceptor
I would love to fly a J6/Mig19 (Fantan?)as it is a pure jet fighter without the electronic enhancements of later more sophisticated 4th/5th gen fighters -like and old1960's-1970's muscle car compared wth todays super computerized cars.