Self Propelled Gun/Rocket Launcher


Two research papers on reliably ramming projectiles into the breech.

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Abstract: The fluctuation of projectile motion parameters before bayonet-chamber is reduced, i.e., improving the consistency of ammunition ramming, to improve the consistency of bayonet-chamber. The random parameters in the ramming system are summarized according to the operating principle of ramming mechanism and the experimental results. Based on MSC.ADAMS, a dynamic model for ramming process of a ramming mechanism, in which the parameter randomness are taken into account, is constructed. A robust optimal design model of ramming mechanism for consistency of ammunition ramming under the constraint of minimum 3 m/s bayonet-chamber velocity is established for minimizing the standard deviation of the motion parameters before bayonet-chamber. The optimization calculation efficiency is improved by using the global and local combinatorial optimization algorithms, and the descriptive sampling. Numerical examples show that the bayonet-chamber velocity meets the requirements, and the consistency of ammunition ramming is improved after optimization, which verifies the effectiveness of the method.

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Abstract: Based on the interval parameter uncertainty analysis method,the ammunition ramming consistency of a large caliber artillery was researched,and the change of ramming mechanism dynamic-response caused by the uncertainty of ammunition ramming parameters was analyzed. The dynamic model of ramming mechanism was established by ADAMS software. The uncertain parameters and parameter intervals were determined according to the process and experiment of ammunition ramming. The interval analysis method based on statistical information for a multibody system with uncertainty was used to calculate the attitude parameters of the projectile in the process of the ammunition ramming,and the attitude parameter intervals of the projectile were determined. The numerical results show that the uncertainties of the parameters in the mandatory stage of the ammunition ramming have little effect on the attitude parameters of the projectile,and the uncertainties of the parameters in the inertial ammunition ramming stage have a great influence on the ammunition ramming consistency of the artillery.


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Segment featuring PLZ-05, at 0:29, the interior is revealed, featuring the semi-automatic loading mechanism and various other features, such as ammunition conveyor belt..

Here is the Russian Msta for comparison.

The chassis rocking is looking pretty heavy for me. Is all arty like that or is it because PLZ-05 is on the lighter side for 155/52 tracked arty?


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Archer is fully automatic from loading the munition to aiming to lowering the spade. the operator does not need to leave the truck cabin. But that is maybe because Swedish climate with deep snow in the winter time making manual operation difficult Automation allowing it for rapid fire and scoot
Watch minute 2:16 when the designer said everything is operated from the cabin
Oh come on now. Snow and cold should not be an issue for a soldier! Put on a layer of Polartec and some thick wool socks and get out there!

I would say Archer and 181 have different design goals.

Any video of Archer will show it's fully automatic operation. I think I read somewhere that it is not unrealistic to have a crew of 2 in an emergency. It has all the cutting-edge stuff, modular charge system, electronics and automation, and a fully enclosed turret. It is meant to be a full-cost alternative to tracked SP gun (Unit cost is $4.5 million vs $4 for K9 Thunder)

I think it also reflects a greater reality in demographics in developed countries. The more developed a country is, the less attractive (and expensive) military personnel becomes (not to mention birth rates, immigration, etc.). The military will need to make do with less people.

181 is more oriented to cost-effectiveness (though I would not say cheap based on what can be seen) rather than absolute latest and greatest. It was definitely meant to be cheaper than PLZ-05, being the replacement for 152mm and 130mm towed guns being retired. My guess is that it was competing with AH-4 lightweight gun since it seems carriage in Y-9 seems to be a consideration for both. Seems like they had a rough unit cost in mind and designed around it.


Snow and cold might not be an issue with soldier correct but the firing rate does!. Snow will impede the movement of people Ever live in cold climate with snow pile as high as 1.5 m ? How fast can they going move back and forth between munition magazine and the breach? Anyway the rest of your argument I agree cost is definitely consideration Here in new carrier for HJ 10
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Chinese new anti-tank missile carrier spotted in mountainous plateau region

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Aug 10, 2020

Modified date: 2 hours ago

The latest version of anti-tank guided missile carrier vehicle of the People’s Liberation Army was spotted participating in a recent exercise in a mountainous plateau region.
Footage has appeared of a new Chinese 4×4 multi-role, all-terrain light armoured vehicle used to carry an HJ-10 missile launcher during a live-fire test at the elevation of 4, 500 meters.
The new missile launcher can reach the maximum design speed in marching, with no need to worry about the rollover accident caused by overspeed. In addition, the new chassis is more cost-effective with a lower price compared to ZBD-04 tracked platform or ZBL-09 wheeled vehicle, so the procurement cost can be reduced to a considerable extent while ensuring equivalent firepower.

The new multi-missile launcher included two ready-for-launch HJ-10 fire-and-forget missiles which have a stand-off range of 10km and all-weather performance, enabling the weapon to effectively prosecute enemy tank formations.
According to open sources, the HJ-10 missile is intended to defeat the latest armored targets such as main battle tanks (MBTs), various fortifications and low-velocity aerial targets using a variety of warheads and guidance systems.
Such wheeled chassis also used as bases for China’s new generation of 155mm vehicle-mounted howitzers, the PCL-181.
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Snow and cold might not be an issue with soldier correct but the firing rate does!. Snow will impede the movement of people Ever live in cold climate with snow pile as high as 1.5 m ? How fast can they going move back and forth between munition magazine and the breach?
Yes, actually I do have some experience with it, lol
Maybe not 1.5m of snow though, but definitely cold!
Anyway, back to the topic, but I had this photo handy, so just had to post it.