Self Propelled Gun/Rocket Launcher


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So, if both the truck mounted 122mm and the Mengshi3 mounted artillery are both of 122mm caliber, what's the point of having both platforms?

The PLAGF has three types of combined armed brigade: Light, Medium and Heavy:
The Heavy combined armed brigade(重型合成旅)certainly have mostly tracked combat vehicles (IFV, tanks, APC, artillery, etc).
The Light Brigade (轻型合成旅)have mostly Mengshi2/3 family of vehicles, which include the Mengshi3 mounted (supposedly) 122mm. The Medium Brigades (中型合成旅)has the 8x8 or 6x6 vehicles, which already has 122mm mounted on an 8x8.

Now, where would the truck mounted 122mm go? If it goes to the Light brigade, it will hurt the strategic mobility of these units (aka. making them harder, more time consuming and more costly to airlift into a conflict zone). If these goes to the Medium Brigade, wouldn't it overlaps the 8x8 mounted 122mm? If these does not go to the combined armed brigades, would it go to the fire/artillery brigade (炮兵旅)instead?


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The new PCL-191 MLRS firing precision-guided rockets. Here's an
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: that's one powerful warhead.

I wonder what kind of warhead that is; I note in the second to last image there seems to be a small parachute behind the munition that is retarding the munition.