Russian Su-57 Aircraft Thread (PAK-FA and IAF FGFA)


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The avionics finished testing late last year.

Also this is not the first Russian AESA radar in service. The Admiral Gorshkov frigate and the Gremyashchy corvette have naval AESA radars.
Over the aircraft's lifetime it is likely the sensors and avionics will get upgraded but the current systems should be good enough for operations.

The engines are still in testing but the Russians have made large investments in modern engine technology including new materials so I doubt they won't get the second stage engines to work more or less on schedule in like two years time like they are supposed to.


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Why would they build a shell if the core features are not ready. By the time they are ready, the timeline to build would be compressed quantities to meet those numbers. It is why I remain sceptical.
I actually agree unless they are getting a significantly better aircraft than the Sukhois and Mikoyans they have now, there's no point in building Su-57s except as development articles.

However, playing devil's advocate here, I can see scenarios where they might decide they are happy with a subset of the final capability planned for the Su-57, so long as it is a big enough improvement over what they have. That improvement might be in maintainability. That improvement could be in the sensors. Call that the A model. However, if they can then turn around and build a B model, that gives them the original idealized capabilities while providing an interim improved capability. It would also give them some experience in manufacturing the bird as well they would not get otherwise, assuming there is a lot of overlap between the A and B manufacturing.

I doubt this is happening here; however, I can see an argument for it.


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Version I saw said 2028. Still they have a lot of work to do than first they actually have to start production. 76 over 7 years isn’t A substantial order. I mean 11 a year is very slow., direct quote from Putin.
[email protected] is slow by standarts of nations, completely or mostly replacing more or less homogenous fleets with new aircraft.
Like, well, the US.

for Russia neither is the case, and 10-11 units/yr number is in line with other fighters procurement tempo.

asif iqbal

Good for them they have worked hard on this project

Russia is spending on its Air Force

Upgrading older ones and building new ones

Unfortunately navy is suffering