Russian Su-57 Aircraft Thread (PAK-FA and IAF FGFA)

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The Indians are not interested in a research article. They want a finished product. Only recently were the avionics finished for example.
The Russians are right now manufacturing the first serial production Su-57. Still it is not the desired configuration by the Russian Air Force.
Which means production will be at a trickle and initial manufactured units will be likely used to train pilots and establish doctrine.

Only once the Article 30 engines become available, IIRC with the 12th production Su-57, will they consider increasing the orders.
There is no rush to put it into production before it.
Russian officials have stated this several times. Fact is, as is, the Su-57 even with the 117S engines can outperform any 4th generation fighter.
It also has way better aerobatic performance than the F-35. But with the new engines it will truly become a 5th generation fighter.

The US won't have any competitive product against it. The F-22 is not in production and was never made available for export.
The F-35 is pathetic in terms of kinematic performance. Sure it has better avionics right now. But I doubt the Russians will keep the avionics at the current level forever.
As is the avionics and weapon systems of the Su-57 are already better than what the F-22 had at its inception or indeed has right now.
The F-35A is extremely agile, if you aren't able to see that in that 9G RIAT breakout turn, I can't help you, to be honest there's NEVER going to be an SU-57 inside the "kill" envelope of the F-35, the F-35 will see the SU-57 at well over 100 nautical miles, maneuver for an optimal kill shot, and do the dirty deed...

The F-22 on the other hand is so far ahead of the Su-57 on almost every level, so the Su-57 will be like a "lightning bug" on a starry night, easy to see, and easy to shoot.....

The F-35 is pathetic?? come on, you really ought to at least watch the RIAT video, and now we are going to have a whole summer of fun, with the F-35A!


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More from master manipulators and peddlers of falsities. While a purchase of finished Su-57E with IZ-30 engines would certainly be a real possibility, at the moment, PLAAF will be buying a half finished project. Only online hardcore Russian/ Orthodox right wing fanboys believe this prototype is a finished super 5th (even 6th) gen fighter, proving to be as irrational and stupid as all the chest thumpers around the world.


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1. Prolonged monitoring of remote airspace; interference-protected, open and closed connection in AF and fleet comm systems
-destruction of enemy c4 structure
-destruction of all types of air targets in BVR and WVR combat
-supression of area- and point defence AA defences
-solo and coordinated strikes against various naval targets
Confirmed supersonic characteristics. Match known f-22 specs at both subsonic and supersonic speeds, exceeds all 4+ fighters at supersonic speeds.

Pictures first, i'll translate them a bit later.
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Yes "Sauce" Please.

First image marked (3) is clearly regarding the sensors and data links.
With the Ususal suspects on display. We see up top the kill potential vs Boeing E-3 Sentry hardly unexpected. E3 is a huge radar transmitter and profile return. Note no range data but that doesn't matter.
The we get it vs 4th gen fighters with data links and missile trade off.
But then you can see modern graphics like these doing the same for 4.5 on 4.5 gens.
And then either a drone or conventional cruise missile. Again about the norm.
And the. Strikes vs surface targets and naval targets. Sharing data with huge Russian radars, massive Russian AWACS and Russian battle cruisers.
Fairly standard.
Then we get what seems an older power point here they still reference as T50.
Some admission of radar returns from the inlets.
And an attempt at comparing to F22.
And a bullet points display of features.


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... and say
your source
as you always do, right?
Typically i do, if i know one/it isn't obvious. Why so agressive?
Su-57 page on, in this case. Added in late 2018, so the pictures are probably much older than that.

P.s. final part was eaten by correction timer.