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Seems legit. There is no shame in this. We live in a globalized world where it would be foolish to try to indigenize every piece of your product.
I’m specifically addressing the “RC hobbyist components” claim. That doesn’t bode well against EW interference or equipment durability.


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There is no special military component required for this drone.

And this part list implicate a price tag around 10k $, quite cheap for this kind of stuff.

The engine and all other component could be swapped to other, but the general characteristic of the drone (distance, height, speed and power) makes lot of parts suitable for it.


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A video shows an interesting intercept that occurred in international airspace off Estonia.

One video and two shots, released today by the popular “Fighter Bomber" Instagram account, show a Russian Su-30SM Flanker derivative flying alongside two F-35As over the Baltic Sea, somewhere off Estonia, where the Italian stealth jets are deployed to carry out QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) task in support of NATO Baltic Air Policing mission.

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The first start-up of the gas generator of the PD-8 engine​

The United Engine Corporation has completed the first stage of testing the PD-8 turbofan engine gas generator for SSJ-New aircraft. UEC specialists have achieved stable starts of the gas generator with successful reaching the maximum mode in accordance with the test program. A full-scale sample of the gas generator will be presented at the MAKS-2021 exhibition. This was reported in the press service of the UEC.

The gas generator, which is called the "heart" of an aircraft engine, consists of a high-pressure compressor, a combustion chamber and a high-pressure turbine — it is this part that drives the power plant.

As part of the tests, computational and experimental work was carried out, the optimal configuration of the gas generator was found - its electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, after which the specialists proceeded to "hot" engine starts using real aviation fuel, which were successful.

PD-8 is the "youngest" in the line of aircraft engines, the first of which was PD-14. It is intended to replace the French-Russian SaM146 power plants on SSJ100 aircraft, as well as the D-436TP manufactured by the Ukrainian Motor Sich JSC on Be-200 amphibious aircraft.

The PD-8 gas generator was assembled and installed on the test bench in May. The tests made it possible to experimentally confirm the correctness of the design solutions laid down. "The experience gained will be taken into account in the manufacture and testing of the following samples of the gas generator, as well as prototypes of the PD-8 engine," said a representative of the aviation cluster of Rostec State Corporation.

The PD-8 engine is being created by the wide cooperation of UEC enterprises for the updated version of the Superjet 100 - SSJ-New, which will feature a high level of import substitution. In the design of the power plant, technologies were used that were developed during the creation of the PD-14 engine, which is intended for medium-haul liners.

As previously reported, UEC is also working on the creation of the largest aircraft engine in the domestic line - PD-35 for wide-body long-range aircraft. This is one of the most ambitious projects in the Russian aircraft building industry; earlier in the USSR and Russia, engines with similar characteristics were not created.
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It maybe a money grab op but still interesting.
Sound like "the build quality of your Ford F-150 getting closer to the fine craftsmanship of our toyota yaris " : )

The two ship is not in the same league, the virignia is in the corvette/frigate class, the yassen is in the destroyer / cruiser class.