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Prototype of LMFS or near service/LRIP? Are we expecting a single engine light weight/mid weight 5th gen fighter?
Yep, exactly.
I don't really want to participate in pixel guessing just one week away from the actual presentation, but seems we're getting that model from the table.


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A mockup with no prototype in existence would not be worth celebrating. In fact it shouldn't be worth even mentioning if that were the case.

Granted this fighter seems to be aiming at winning foreign orders, announcing this while actual fighter is not even at prototyping would be strange. I would imagine Rostec group's relevant participants in this project are not like that. They should at least have a prototype even if they don't show it.

Some are suggesting it is just announcing their new project which has finished planning.


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Rumors about Russian stealthy single engine fighter existed before SU-57 flew first time.

Maybe they are looking something cheaper this time?


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Picture of the hall where the presentation will happen. Seems to confirm it will be a Sukhoi design rather than a Mikoyan one

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