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Exact but i want to be very clear minimum 16 Bombers used, 12 Tu-22m and 2/2 Tu-95H/160 in a strike never see from Desert Storm or maybe Iraqi Freedom this is high intensity military operation.
I'm reading some details released most recently like
  • airplanes from the Mozdok Airbase were used (it's close to Caucasus Mountains) and, to launch 34 cruise missiles in total:
  • Tu-22M3s flew about 4500 km which took them about five hours and a half;
  • Tu-160s and Tu-95s flew about 6500 km which took them about eight and half and nine and half hours accordingly
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bro I suppose you have it in your database :) what's the name of the files you told me about?

the charts with airplanes involved:

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Seems 23 Heavy Bombers !

For the first time the Russian strategic bomber fleet has been waging war in modern combat, launching long-range air strikes against targets / areas in Syria last night.
According to the Russian Ministry of Defence the attack fleet last night included 5 Tupolev Tu-160 “Blackjack”, 6 Tu-95MS “Bear”, 14 Tupolev Tu-22M3s “Backfire, 8 Sukhoi Su-34 “Fullback” and 4 Sukhoi Su-27SM “Flanker” all flying in from land-bases in Russia with flights lasting 4 hours and several thousands of miles. With at least the fighter aircraft probably supported by IL-78 “Midas” tanker aircraft.
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From RT:
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It says among other things
Shoigu said that Russia’s Tu-95, Tu-22 and Tu-160 strategic bombers have been brought into the operation, while the Air Force command added that the strike group has been bolstered with 37 new planes, including Su-34 bombers and Su-27 fighter jets.
Does this mean that another 37 planes have been added to those in Syria?
The head of the General Staff reported that the new phase of the anti-ISIS campaign will involve 25 long-range bombers flying out of airfields in Russia.
Also mentioned is cooperation with CdG:
The Russian president has issued orders for Russia’s Moskva cruiser, covering the Russian base in Latakia from the Mediterranean Sea, to work together with a French naval group led by flagship Charles De Gaulle, a 26 fighter-jet aircraft carrier, which is departing for Syria this week.

“The French naval group, led by the air carrier, will soon reach your area of operations. We need to establish direct contact with it, and treat it as an ally,” the Russian president said. “We need to develop of a joint action plan for both sea and air operations.”

The Kremlin said that the parameters for a joint mission had been agreed upon by Putin and French President Francois Hollande, following a personal phone call.

“The two leaders focused their attention on bilateral and multilateral cooperation in combating terrorism,” a Kremlin statement said. “This includes closer ties and joint operations between the military command and intelligence services of Russia and France in Syria.”

Vladimir Putin and Francois Hollande are to meet in Moscow on November 26.
The politics of cooperation and non-cooperation are interesting.


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Very good news and she is very welcome in our French TF :)

And yes 37 fighters/Bombers worck with my precedent post, last night strike from Russia.
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I count wrong 25 Heavy Bombers ! enormous.

Airplanes from the Mozdok Airbase were used (it's close to Caucasus Mountains
No Morozovsk btw Rostov/Volgograd 48°18'43.37"N 41°47'28.10"E, 559th Rgt 3 Sqns with 36 Su-34.
Il-78 based to Dyagilevo/ close Riazan, Su-27SM Krymsk/Krasnodar for me or Belbek/Sebastopol, Tu-160/95H Engels/Saratov and almost sure Tu-22M from Shaikovka/Kalouga.

In fact all bases 5 are divided on a north south axis

Waiting confirmations more difficult with Russia as for Western countries but possible have very good infos.
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It's official.

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Bloomberg said:
President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian naval forces in the Mediterranean to work as allies with French warships in attacking Islamic State targets in Syria as his military stepped up its offensive against the terrorist group.

France has a naval group led by an aircraft carrier heading to the area where Russian vessels are operating, Putin told a naval commander of a warship in the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday in a live video link shown on Russian state TV. “You need to establish direct contact with the French and work with them as allies,” Putin ordered.

Russia’s military doubled its attacks in Syria on Tuesday, carrying out 34 cruise missile strikes and deploying long-range Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22 bombers from Russian bases to hit Islamic State’s heartland in the Syrian province of Raqqa and other targets, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at the same meeting. The bombardment is continuing and Russia planned 127 sorties on 206 targets in the first 24 hours of the new stage of the campaign, he said.

Putin earlier on Tuesday blamed terrorists for the Oct. 31 air crash in Egypt that killed 224 people and vowed to step up military strikes in Syria to punish those who carried out “one of the bloodiest crimes” against Russians. An Islamic State affiliate in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula has claimed it blew up the plane in retaliation for Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria against the organization and other militants fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Putin and French President Francois Hollande agreed on greater military cooperation in Syria in a phone call Tuesday, the Kremlin said in an e-mail. Hollande will travel to Moscow Nov. 26 after talks in Washington, D.C. with U.S. President Barack Obama to try to build up a coalition against Islamic State following Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris that killed at least 129 people.
This is pragmatic and smart. Putin will latch right onto this because he now has a major NATO player who will work with him.

France is interested in eradicting ISIS. They were attakced by ISIS directly.

Russia is now admitting the airliner was nbroght down by ISS, and want to eradicate them too.

IMHO, it is long since past time that the US administration back away from its own feckless policy and join forces to eradicate ISIS.

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So, did the Tu-22M3s fire Kh-22MAs, Kh-32s, or drop free-fall bombs?

Details, details, details, please...

the Kh-22/32s seem excessive against ISIL targets.

Also, I think a ground-attack variant of the Kh-15 should be developed, or that the Tu-22M3s should be configured to launch the Kh-59 family of ALCMS, as well, though procuring the Kh-59 carrying SU-34 in sufficient quantities could preclude this need!
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