Russia sells S-400 systems to China


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I probably could geolocate another Chinese S-400 site.
The site is south of Tianjin and served as S-300PMU2 site, before the equipment was removed and stayed empty for most of 2019.
Probably not under command of the 13th RGt of the 5th AD Div (Beijing district), which is in control of the sites mentioned in my previous post, it might be under control of the 17th RGt of the 5th AD Div, but I'm not sure (any suggestions would be welcomed).

While the equipment seen in the two sites of the 13th show 5P85T2 launcher, the new site has vehicles which resemble the 51P6A TEL.
A good view of this TEL is available on google earth for the new established site in Turkey over here 40.089723° 32.570363°, where they are placed next to the 5P85T2 TELs.

While not being deployed in large numbers in Russia, these TELs seems to be part of the "regimental set package" for export. It is said that these kind of TELs are compatible with the most advanced missile system, namely the 40N6.

I would rule out that these vehicles are "just" 5P85S/D of S-300PS, which are in the process of being retired and to be replaced by HQ-9.
And it is very unlikely that China ordered two different versions of basic TELs, i.e. 5P85T2 (as for the 13th RGT) AND 5P85S2 (as used mostly in Russia).
So my conclusion is 51P6A.

Sadly enough the "Big Bird" Radar site just to the north don't reveal the vehicle (it should be 91N6) because it's partly covered by a shelter on available sat images.

Whatsoever, a site worthwhile to monitor for nerds...


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the 91N6 is visible now at the site which I mentioned above in my previous post, confirming this as S-400 site. Two 92N6 Radar system indicate a deployment of two battalions (= regimental set)