PLAN Sovremenny DDG 136, 137, 138 & 139 Thread


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Here's the video of Shtil missile loading and unloading:

The Russians testing the system

The Indians doing weapon drill​

Too bad there is no interior footages of the missile magazine, too restricted I supposed.
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Today, we will explore the AK-630M CIWS mounted on the Sovs... Here are two footages of the operations and destructive power!

A manual operator?

Somalian pirate ship being decmiated by Russian Navy's AK-630M




More weapon systems coming up...
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The ship's 130 mm guns are the AK-130-MR-184. The system includes a computer control system with electronic and television sighting. The gun can be operated in fully automatic mode from the radar control system, under autonomous control using the turret mounted Kondensor optical sighting system and can also be laid manually. Rate of fire is between 20 and 35 rounds/min.


Calibre: 130mm
Muzzle velocity: 850m/s
Firing rate: 20/35 rds/min
Firing range: over 22km
Field of fire: elevation from -10 to +80°; traverse ±180°
Amount of ammunition ready to fire: 180rds


System: 102,000kg
Gun mount: 94,000kg
Control system: 8,000kg
Round: 53kg
Projectile: 33kg
Length of round: 1.537m
Crew (depending on ship class): 6 to10


Weapon Description

The AK-130-MR-184 Artillery System is intended to engage sea, coastal, and aerial targets, including low flying anti-ship missiles. The system is designed for the medium and large displacement ships.

It comprises the AK-130 Gun Mount, the MR-184 Fire Control Radar System, and the ammunition set.

In terms of firing rate, amount of ammunition ready for firing, and survivability, the system has no analogies in the world. The system features fire delivery with control from the radar system or using turret-mounted optical sight, fixed ammunition ensuring high fire rate and reliability, high degree of automation , high jamming immunity, high accuracy of target coordinates determination, two radar wave bands, laser range finder and automatic TV tracking unit.

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I found one more relevant interior magazine of the AK-130...


Thanks to this
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Today's weapon is RBU-1000 300mm Anti-Submarine Rocket





Weight: 2900 kg
Length: 2165 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Height: 2030 mm
Traverse rate: 30 °/sec


RGB-10 (РГБ-10) rocket

Range: 100 m to 1000 m
Weight: 195 kg
Warhead:100 kg
Caliber: 300 mm
Length: 1800 mm
Sink rate: 11.8 m/s
Maximum depth: 450 m​

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This video from 22:03 to 24:03, briefly describes about the PLAN Sovs from East Sea Fleet's role.


It briefly mentions that while the PLAN Sovs are very capable anti-ship platform, it has slightly lesser capable anti-air and anti-sub roles. The main AA and ASu role goes into the 2 newer Type 052c DDGs - no.150 (Changchun) & no.151 (Zhengzhou), with another 2 more Type 052C - no.152 & 153, Jinan & Xi'an , to be confirmed by PLAN for the ESF. PLAN Sovs are still the major surface combatant in Anti-ship role with its deadly SS-N-22 Sunburns.

Together with the newer Type 052C and the PLAN Sovs, the ESF is a force not to be taken lightly of.
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I wonder which naval base is that taken at. I thought only a military personnel or military photographer could get from that arial shot.

The picture is from the home base of the SOVREMENNYY's at Dinghai-Yangcan (30 00 20 N 122 01 03 E), which was built specifically for 3 Destroyer Flotilla in 2009.

I am afraid it is PS'ed. The pier with two accesses measures 600 m - no way they could have four SOVREMENNYY's each 156.5 m there (note how there is one 956ME, one 956E, one 956ME, one 956E).

The pictures of 139 in post # 17 is from the Xiangshan Degaussing Station (29 31 14 N 121 40 30 E), attached to Xiangshan Navy Yard 4819.

The range of Moskit-M (which is the version PLAN uses) is well above 120 km, something like at least 170 km.


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The range of Moskit-M (which is the version PLAN uses) is well above 120 km, something like at least 170 km.
The first two uses 3M-80E and their range is 120 km.
Only the latter two uses improved version and have range of 240 km. And they only got increased to that much because their flying the lo-hi-lo flight path instead of the lo flight path of the original.


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I have seen similar information, but it makes little sense to me. The Russian (Soviet) SOVREMENNYY’s switched to lengthened Moskit-M launch tubes from Hull 15 (BESPOKOYNYY). As HANGZHOU and FUZHOU were laid down as Hulls 18 and 19 for the Russian Navy, they would naturally have the same tubes, just as the Progress factory would have switched entirely to Moskit-M by the time the two ships were delivered to China in 1999-2001.