PLAN Combat Information Centers (CIC) and Display Consoles


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I recall the pics I got it from were in a video of the newly delivered 056 variant corvettes for Algeria, though the possibility of splicing footage is there.

However Algeria has also previously bought C28A corvettes from China but those were a few years ago and would have used the older CIC type.

Are the pictures you posted confirmed of the new 056 variant corvettes or is it possible that they are the older C28As?

Surely the new Chinese CICs have stations with bolted-down seats.

Can't image how they can fight a real battle with high-speed turns and tilts while sitting on.....roller chairs.


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Hey guys,

If I get that right, ZBT-1 CIC would be aboard patrol boats, ZKJ-1 aboard frigates, and ZBJ-1 would be aboard aircraft carriers.
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However, Jane's C4ISR: Martitmime 2015-2016 mentions that ZBJ system would be aboard Type 052C/D too.

Does that mean I got it wrong, or that Type 052 might also be used as a Command & Control ship?