PLA Small arms


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It's a JS 9mm. Lately there have been a lot more pics of Chinese long arms fitted with Eotech 552's like that one. I am starting too wonder if the PLA have not gone and Adopted it.


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Hey guys I was watchin CNN and saw a story about the fighting in Ivory Coast and saw some fighters one was armed with a type-81 and a guy on a truck with a QLZ87 grande launcher.

Video - Breaking News Videos from - Mass grave discovered in Ivory Coast

There's the video any thoughts?
That "M16 didn't make it, again..."?

Chadian rebels uses honda pick-ups as their workhorse assault vehicle - Any thoughts on "how honda and the world's rebels having a connection?"


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The same can be asked about Toyota, y'know...
Hahaha, exactly. I don't mind to "put on color glasses" on this issue.

Anyway, back to topic, the Police forces in China, under "governor's payroll", they import whatever shiny gears and put on a showcase ASAP, despite 99% of Chinese crime conducted with the help like penknife or kitchen knife kind of "cold weapon".

Military small arms in the other hand, prefers ironsighted, odd caliber sized, 20 30 years old (in service), yet awesomely RELIABLE pieceshooter, rather than power-out, GPS enabled, laser rifle. RELIABILITY is the soul of PLA small arms, for this, IT IS OK to sacrifice any other thing from range to scope, from "no-left-hand-users" to accuracy.

PLA considering the type 95 having a same curve mag as type 81, is a huge 战斗力 boost - shows the doctrine.