PLA Small arms


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If you look at the pistol's surface, it has some rough uneven spots while the lmg's surface is much much smoother. That indicates that the finish is uneven and a bit rough. Polishing a gun makes them even more noticeable.
I can tell you that militaries care more about reliability than fit & finish. I have noticed that semi auto ARs have much nicer finish and smooth surfaces while military Colt M4s and M16s have this extra material behind the trigger they didn't bother to sand off. FN receivers turn purple from exposure to sun and cleaning solvents. The latest USGI Enhanced Performance Magazines from Center Industries has a thick coyote brown paint that looks globbed on, you even see dried drips by the bottom lol. Compare that to FDE colored USGI spec mags made for commercial market that have a consistent, smooth finish. Looks like crap but the military doesn't care if its within mil-spec and it works.
It is the civilian market that cares about aesthetics more and that is fine. Troops don't pay a dime to carry GI weapons but civilians do, so of course if they spend all that money then it should at least have a good finish to it.