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A more recent
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from the same company. This leads me to believe that the two rifles in the last two images differ mostly in their furnitures. They are probably different design iterations of the same rifle, and that the more recent patent represents something close to the final product.

Sounds like I was starting to bark up the right tree. PLA Small arms
Well making guesses my bet is that the Stock is folded by first depressing the plunger on top which should retract the stud visible on the side allowing the shooter to rotate the butt stock in to the left. This should allow removing the bolt is needed to though presumably there is some bolt retention device.


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New information about the new 12.7mm HMG
According to Google translate:

For the new 12.7mm heavy machine gun, I can only use the four words "frenzy" to be stronger than the 89 type heavy machine gun. How about the domestic new large-caliber heavy machine gun?

Describe, focus on--

1 Weight loss:

(1) The gun body, the gun frame, the receiver, the stock, the floating seat, etc. The parts are mostly titanium alloy.

(2) The carbon fiber composite tripod weighs 6 kg, while the steel tripod of the 89 heavy machine gun weighs 8.5 kg.

(3) The ammunition box and the ammunition chain are made of engineering plastic, and the ammunition with 60 plastic chains is installed. The box weighs 1.2kg, while the steel bullet box of the 89 heavy machine gun weighs 2.1kg.

(4) The newly developed lightweight armor-piercing incendiary bomb uses a new alloy material shell, It may be an aluminum alloy shell, a bullet weighs a little more than 100g, and the 80 type The standard bullet of the machine gun weighs more than 120 grams.

(5) The whole set of a new 12.7mm heavy machine gun (including the frame, tripod, 5 ammunition boxes, 300 rounds and ammunition chain) is less than the 89 type heavy machine gun. It is about 9.5kg lighter.

(6) Conversely, the weight of the gun body is 3kg more than that of the 89 type heavy machine gun, and the weight of the gun body and tripod is 0.5kg more than that of the 89 type heavy machine gun.

2. In terms of accuracy:

(1) The gun body floating structure, the principle of front impact launching, two-stage spring floating Motivation and other technologies have reduced recoil and muzzle displacement by nearly 80%.

(2) Two-way ammunition delivery is adopted, and the projectile body is unchained into the chamber when the gun is recoiled. The impact of the delivery is small and the delivery is stable.
, Push when re-entry

(3) The flexible frame design is still adopted. Compared with the 89 heavy machine gun, the joint part of the frame and the gun body is improved, which is somewhat similar to the foreign trade W85 anti-aircraft machine gun.

(4) In addition to the white light scope and infrared night vision scope, it is also equipped with a new type of ballistic solver, using a 10x optical lens, the distance measurement is up to 2400m, and the weight is not more than 1.5kg.

(5) Ballistic gun experiment, the natural distribution of projectiles at a distance of 200m does not exceed 10cm. Use a bipod to shoot, and R100 at a distance of 200m does not exceed 32cm; use a tripod to shoot, and R100 at a distance of 200m does not exceed 24cm. The 70% projectiles at a distance of 1000m are scattered within a dense boundary of no more than 2.2m, which means a higher hit rate for military vehicle targets at a distance of 1000m.

Finally, I would like to say a word: as long as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is still on the border of our country, It is necessary for the troops to support firearms to reduce weight. Many of our weapons are driven by special needs created by the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and are not limited to weight reduction. For example, the development and installation of the 02-type anti-aircraft machine gun is due to the fact that individual air defense missiles kill near boundaries on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.