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New AH-1Z Vipers 'Zulus' for Bahrain...​

The Royal Bahraini Air Force now boasts one of the world's largest fleets of AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters, including 17 upgraded AH-1FB Cobras and 12 AH-1Z Vipers, known as 'Zulus.


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The Saudi Navy is heading for Multi-billion modernization, under the concept of Vision 2030....

Expanding its capabilities after ordering four Lockheed Martin MMSC ships and five Navantia Avante -2200 corvettes complementing by 3 La Fayette class frigates.

The Navy still needs 6 more frigates & 8 large corvettes. Therefore, major shipbuilders offered their most advanced solutions, side by side
with partnership proposals for local industry.

The Kingdom's new offset policies stipulate that 50% must be spent of the value of each contract locally, which is impacting European companies from selling their products to Saudi Arabia & term “Difficult negotiations”..

The Kingdom requires that 50% of the deal value be spent locally to transfer knowledge and technology..

Naval Group displayed the latest Belharra frigates for the Saudi Navy


And GOWIND 2500


While the Italian Fincantieri proposed an advanced version of the FREMM frigates.


Hyundai seeks to benefit from its agreements with Aramco to propose its own products such as FFX-I/II/III frigates..


And the HDF-3500 and HDF-3800SA


Other proposals included DSME's DW-3000H