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Royal Saudi Arabian Navy will soon be force to recon with in Red Sea & Persian Gulf as it Expanding its capabilities after recent shopping.
  • Ordering 4 Lockheed Martin MMSC ships
  • 5 Navantia Avante -2200 corvettes

Complementing by 3 La Fayette class frigates, while RSAN in talks with several consortiums (EU/TK/SOK & Chinese) for additional 6 more heavy frigates & 8 large corvettes along SSKs.

The list is getting longer for proposed/suggested 6 heavy FFGs & 8 large CORVs....

The Alfa 4000 and F-538 frigates will be preferred options other said above.

The F-538 frigate, which Navantia had previously offered to the Saudi Navy as part of the Eastern Fleet Modernization Program SNEP II.

Alfa 4000





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The Iranian frigate Sahand sank today in the port of Bandar Abbas. Iranian state TV classified the case as an "incident".


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KSA signed a deal 4 MMRT with Airbus

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defense signs a contract with Airbus Defense and Space Company to purchase 4 multi-mission refueling aircraft to enhance the operational capabilities of the Air Force.

These are standard A330-200 aircraft, but given a 2027 delivery date, expect some or all of the aircraft to have elements of the Evolution Standard – a NEO engine, A3R or A4R autonomous aerial refueling, enhanced self-protection, FCAS connectivity...

Saudi Air Fleet: 24 aircraft refueling

8 KC-130H aircraft
Two HC-130j aircraft
6 A330MRTT aircraft
8 KE-3 aircraft

With this deal, the number will increase to 28 aircraft

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Signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Defense and Airbus to purchase “Airbus A330 MRTT” aircraft.. And transfer its technologies and knowledge to the Kingdom through the SAMIAirbus joint venture..