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If India purchased from US, French, and Israeli suppliers and excluded Russian suppliers I do not think it would change the military balance between India and Pakistan.

If Pakistan stopped supplying Ukraine and gave China the opportunity to offer something in exchange (this is an important reciprocal part of my suggestion) then it would help Russia on the battlefield.

I'm sorry to say this but I think you're just trying to find an excuse and are the 4th Pakistani commentator to ignore concerns.
We don't care if Pakistan aids Ukraine militarily because their aid can't change anything and Russia knows it too.


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Imagine if you will, you are one of those poor Indian Brahmos salesmen at the recent Middle East expo. Your missile costs $5.5 million to make, so let’s say you try to sell it for $6m a piece.

Along comes the Chinese salesman, offering 240 PL-15E’s for $6.3m each and he throws in 20 J-10’s for FREE!

edit: in seriousness, the contract is BNPL (buy now, pay later), with low interest rate, no pre-payment penalty, I.e. a great piece of financing. The whole contract is compelling in fact.
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If true, not a bad deal China is giving Pakistan. $94 million USD per J-10CE with a load out of 12 missiles each and ten spare engines. And China is loaning them 92% of the total cost at only 4.15% while also giving Pakistan the option of free early repayment. At these terms, the J-10 is a much better deal than its competitor flown by India.

The French charged India $218.6 million per Rafale including missiles, spares, and equipment. Egypt is paying $130 million for their Rafales, so the overly inflated Indian price might be another case of Indian governmental/MIC incompetence. I don't see how the changes India requested equate to a $88.6 million USD difference. Thats almost the entire cost of a J-10CE that India is spending over what other countries are for Rafales.


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The first ship of the
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Navy's under development Babur-class of heavy corvettes (a joint venture with Turkey) have begun weapons’ outfitting. Here the lead ship PNS Babur (F-280) is seen with its new naval gun, the state-of-the-art Leonardo 76/62 Super Rapid (SR) system.



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Few months ago .... PNS Babur F 280 (left) and PNS Khaibar F 282 (right).


PNS Badr F 281, first Milgem being constructed in Pakistan and the second PN Milgem in total. The ship is currently fitting out at #KSEW and will be commissioned by end of next year.

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Turkish, Pakistani and European origin weapon systems will be used in the PN MİLGEM corvettes built by ASFAT for the Pakistan Navy.
  • 16 cell VLS (quad pack) - ALBATROS NG Air Defense System (MBDA)
  • 2×4 P-282 Hypersonic Surface-to-Surface Guided Missile System (Pakistan)
  • 1 x 76 mm Super Rapido Head Gun (LEONARDO)
  • Torpedo Launching System with 2 triple launchers (LENARDO)
  • 1 x GÖKDENİZ Close Air Defense System (ASELSAN)
  • 2 x STOP 25 mm RCWS (ASELSAN)
  • YAKAMOS Hull Mounted Sonar (METEKSAN)
  • HIZIR Torpedo Confusing/Deception System (ASELSAN)
  • SMART-S 3D Search Radar (ASELSAN)
  • STIR MK-2EO Fire Control Radar (ASELSAN)
  • ADVENT Combat Management System (HAVELSAN)
  • ARES 2N Radar Electronic Support System (ASELSAN)


Meanwhile, the installation work of the Main Propulsion system on the third ship, PNS KHAIBAR (F-282), continues according to schedule. It is expected that the ship will start port acceptance tests before the target date.