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Re: China Got A New Ship For Pakistan

edit: n/m, the damn Firefox / ABP act funny with imagesshack stuff...

Now, this look like a corvette size (or smaller even) ship and more akin with the French LaFayette class in silhouette. What I don't get is the bulge at the bridge, which spoiled the low-radar signature overall design.
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Re: China Got A New Ship For Pakistan

Yeah it's an OPV -- it seems bangladesh have a few on order too

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Re: China Got A New Ship For Pakistan

very modern looking and a very good ship for PN, but 2 or 3 does not do it justice, PN should up the order to atleast 6-8 I have no idea why they have ordered just 2 of these

PN already makes the Jalalat II missile boats so making more of these under ToT should not be too much of a problem

it is interesting to see majority of PN and PAF now use Chinese built/designed weapons, even the air force which has traditionally enjoyed Western systems for decades has cut Erieye order and got Chinese AWACSs and cut the F16 C/D Block 52+ order to 18 and optted for J10 or FC-20 as they call it in Pakistan
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Re: China Got A New Ship For Pakistan

The small order may be to allow the PN to fully evaluate it before committing to a big purchase, and/or it could be because the PN has more important things to spend their money on at present, especially with talk of wanting 054s and new SSKs etc.


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Re: China Got A New Ship For Pakistan

AH, got stuck behind a firewall again.
and it seems like this is thre only website I can go on.

Can any of you gents upload the pic? much appreciated!