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The only major issue i have with the Ant IPO is that it would allow the US 1%er Elites and their financier buddies access and control over a major lender of credit to the massive Chinese consumer market. Anglos love controlling other peoples' money, this must be scrutinised at every level to ensure compliance with Chinese interests.
What percentage of Ant is owned by foreign Anglos?


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Honestly, the more I read about Ant, I'm really surprised that they were ever allowed to get this close to an IPO.
A better question is why would they need an IPO to raise money? They dont need it.

I think the ANT ipo is an insurance policy by ANT, to prevent the government flip
the switch to full electronic RMB or ban all other electronic payments other than DCEP once DCEP is fully rolled out. The Alipay business alone makes trillions of yuans in processing fees. By making ANT public, the government will have a hard time killing the golden goose. And as expected, wordwide funds pouring into the IPO, which will further makes it harder for the goverment to control it.

The Alipay and wechat pay have just become too big, and both the authorities and the players know this cannot be compounded forever. Something needs to be done to control these behemoths.


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Let's see... Trudeau already said Western countries sided with Canada against China over this and I believe there was also a letter with the signatures of Western leaders sent to China to release Canada's citizens. Does Trudeau think Biden is going to be more forceful than Trump? This better be a fake show of strength to save face in front of Canadians because the only way those Canadians are going to get released is instead Trudeau was begging to Biden to drop the US's case against Meng and then they'll get released. If you want to believe what the media is saying how Biden will handle China which is continuing Trump's policy, there is no incentive for those Canadians to get released. What is Biden going to do? Slap tariffs on China?
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China sends world's first 6G satellite into orbit
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November 10, 2020

The world's first 6G satellite

It was launched by China on a carrier rocket

Location: Taiyuan, China

6G could be more than 100 times faster than 5G

Source: CGTN

State media says it will be used for:

- Smart city construction

- Disaster prevention

- Environmental protection