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Huawei Launches ‘Historic’ New Strike At Android To Beat Google And Samsung
Zak DoffmanContributor
I write about security and surveillance.

Huawei is about to shift the 600 million users on its smartphone ecosystem from Android to its own HarmonyOS/HMS—at least that’s what seemed to be the key takeaway from HDC, the company’s developer conference a week ago. Well—maybe not. The real takeaway from HDC is much more interesting and will be a much more serious threat to Android than just shifting Huawei users. If it works, of course.

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Diversity of thinking, ideas, and approaches to systemic and structural changes can be done within a community. Even if we ignore China's relative diversity in ethnicity and culture (which is only surpassed by the west due to immigration), it is still more than possible to introduce challenges to the establishment. This is all to do with science + tech of course. Including how businesses are set up and run and how the government manages to modulate everything along with how much they modulate.

Assuming all the above is necessary to equal or surpass the west in every aspect of science and tech, it is achievable and honestly is being done. A few decades ago, China's ease of doing business metrics were well behind that of the US and now the reality is it has far surpassed it but the measuring hasn't really caught up. There's always this phenomenon of the measurements lagging actuality for some time. Take a proper look at how Xiaomi and Alibaba really innovated in their business practices and the fintech that's made many other examples possible. Nothing even close to these have happened in the US, the world leader.

Innovation in fresh new ideas is also something Chinese are actually especially good at! Contrary to what the brain dead morons love saying. Take a look at the variety of business practices, gizmos, and products that the west simply do not even bother doing. Sure it's because there are just that many more Chinese people and that much more competition but the pace at which China moves in innovation honestly surprises even my most optimistic attitudes. It's all limited to relatively little things but it demonstrates an underlying mechanism which forces it. Give it time and just a fair playing field, China will surpass the west in every aspect of science and tech within this century. It doesn't even need to overhaul its cultural and social model which is partial to conformity in thinking. This resists creativity and innovation a little but already the flow is strong enough.

If China were to embrace a more "westernised" attitude to society and cultural thinking that Japan and Taiwan for example have embraced (albeit with their own cultures still dominating), it could all be a little more conducive for the outlier geniuses to capitalise on their talents even further. I don't think authoritarianism or how the CCP is running the show, along with any Chinese cultural preferences, are a net disadvantage to this. They're really the ones keeping everything together and slow and steady is better than broken and chaotic.
Just two point.
1. Europe is magnitude more diverse than China. China is a monoculture, Europe is a composition of hundreds of languages ,countries and cultures.
2. Ide doesn't rally matter. The system , that can select the best ideas/business practices/cheapest methods is the important .The one that can preserve these, and transfer /preserve/improve them over the time, and could work as a constant metrices about they usefulness for the society.

This require a very robust institutional background ,that takes long time to develop.


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It is kind of hard to believe at this point.

Oracle-TikTok-Walmart-ByteDance ...

All these companies working together will leverage their strengths and create something a lot bigger, new powerful marketing, retailing, backend operations, a new corporate partnership virtually overnight, when it might have taken years to accomplish, perhaps never.

All because some goof in the Trump administration wanted to ban TikTok.

So they do a joint venture, an idea ripped off from the CCP, and they demand user data stored only inside the country, another idea ripped off from the CCP who has the exact law.

After all that, TikTok and its parent company, will make even more money off the American dance market, all along together with their current and new American corporate friends, whose influence extend right into the Trump administration, directly to el Presidente himself.

What gives?!

Start dancing.

Trump just stated that there would be no Ticktock deal unless America has 100% control of Ticktock.

Like I said just let Ticktock die. There is no point negotiating with Trump and his team. China keeps on looking for various win-win deals based on fairness and mutual respect.

But know that America does not respect China As it’s equal. There will be no win-win deals. Since 2018 Trump has public stated that in any deal with China, America must benefit more. There will be no fair deals.


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It is voluntary though. The US has no jurisdiction over Europe or Korea or China. They could say screw the US, we are developing our own independent equipment and supply chains. But will they do it? No they won't. And even if it were involuntary, who cares? It makes no difference. At the end of the day, they choose to comply with the US, they will comply with the US. That is all that matters.

And not only chipmakers, but China's own consumers will abandon Huawei. Don't think the home market is safe. You can talk about patriotism all you want, but not many people want to go around with an inferior phone just to be politically correct.

And not only China's chipmakers and consumers, but Huawei's own employees will abandon Huawei. They already are, as many of their talented designers have jumped to other companies. Oppo. Vivo. Xiaomi. Samsung. Apple. There are plenty of alternatives. At the end of the day, no opportunities, no salary, no workers.

In short, Huawei will have no friends. The US government's power is so great that it can control and compel everyone. That is why China should seek better relations with the US instead of fighting.
Huawei fate is in Huawei's hand and there are many well wishers for Huawei's survival. There might be many defeatists and there are many more Samaritans who would secretly help Huawei survive, not least the Chinese nation. To see such injustice and not feel for Huawei is the height of inhumanity. To kneel before Uncle Sam is to be subjugated perpetually and exploited mercilessly, and destroyed eventually. This much Uncle Sam has declared openly. Any more doubts?


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It's extremely easy. Simply go back to the policies of Hu Jintao. Stop starting fights with everybody all the time. Close the Xinjiang concentration camps. Don't oppress ethnic minorities. Stop military incursions into Taiwan and the South China Sea. Settle the border dispute with ASEAN. Stop sinking Vietnamese fishing boats. Settle the Senkaku islands dispute with Japan. Demarcate the LAC with India. Release the two Michaels and the Australian journalist. Stop arresting lawyers and human rights activists. Give Americans some hope that China will be a benevolent nation and not a fascist empire.

If you do that not only America, but the entire world will be more warm towards China. People will rally around China against the US like you've never seen before, but the reality is nobody likes the US they just listen to it because they feel there is no better alternative. There is tremendous opportunity.
Easy to do and devastating to China,
Close Xinjiang concentration camp ( if you say so ) then there will be a lot of Bombs explode,
Hu jin tao ( 2003 - 2013 term ) face Ma ( 2008- 2016 term ) . Ma is not as stupid as Tsai, so in 2013-2016 Taiwan Strait is relatively calm than now.
Demarcate LAC with India and surrender Tibet to them? It is what India really ask for, not only aksai chin and arunachal pradesh.
Release Canadian, Australian, and other bad mouth journalist so China could be bashed to lower than dog like in pre WW2 Shanghai?
China helped USA in 2008 crisis by not selling their bonds ( read : China thought that stronger US economy import more ), helped not to veto what US propose about Iraq and Afghanistan in UN. Providing a vast market to GM and Boeing to sell. In the past recycling western debris, processing toxic rare-earth to be exported etc, and what China got?
Sure and definitely China wants a " better " life, a better " position ", and those can't do a lot to challenge US domination.
By cornering China, bashing China, slandering China, US make clear that it want to shatter and maybe dissolve China to pieces.