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Germany flips the bird to self-righteous US ambassador Richard Grenell for saying the US spying and Chinese spying cannot be compared:
German Economy Minister Defends Huawei With Jab at U.S. Spies
Patrick Donahue and Stefan Nicola
Bloomberg•November 25, 2019

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump’s ambassador to Germany called comments by officials in Berlin who compared the threat of U.S. and Chinese espionage an “insult” to American troops stationed in the country.

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier defended the (German) government’s decision not to impose a ban on Huawei, saying it didn’t issue a “boycott” of U.S. companies in the wake of espionage accusations by the U.S. National Security Agency dating to 2013.

“The U.S. also demands from its companies that they pass on certain information that are needed to fight terrorism,”
Altmaier said during a talk show on ARD television late Sunday that focused on whether China can be trusted.

“It must be demonstrably ensured that the Chinese state has no influence, and every single component must be certified to ensure it hasn’t been manipulated in any way,” Altmaier said on the talk show. “That of course also applies to European and U.S. suppliers.”


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The bad side of China's gaming and internet addiction rears its head once in a while. Chinese gaming companies, including Tencent, China's no. 2 tech company in asset worth, is fighting a different tech war. With its own government and an addictive populace.

China Bans Kids From Playing Games After 10 p.m., Caps Microtransaction Spending

The whale of all whales. You do understand what the term "whale" means in the gaming industry, do you?

Man Spends $1.4 Million On Game Character, Which His Friend Then Accidentally Sold For Only $552


Nov 4, 2019
let me add
China approves seaweed-based Alzheimer's drug. It's the first new one in 17 years
Initial probe clears Chinese Alzeimer's drug developer of academic fraud
(yes, as of now, there's a typo in the Glob. Times headline)



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they at it again:

US weighing further restrictions on Huawei suppliers
  • Earlier blacklisting by Commerce Department failed to cut off flow of products to Chinese telecoms giant, as key foreign supply chains remain out of US reach
  • Proposed rule changes would allow regulation of sales of non-sensitive items made abroad with US-origin technology, software or components to Huawei
I'm guessing this is where they can block any % of US technology.

that would be the end of US technology domination. Nobody in right mind would consider US tech in their product anymore .. or at least strongly avoid it

That move may be effective in 1970s or 1980s but definitely not today

Even USSR which was under total embargo by the US and allies in 1970s and 80s still could make modern sophisticated weapons


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What is TikTok? Why is Mark Zuckerberg pouring so much FUD over it?

Bonus video. How a man who could not get a job at KFC is now one of the world's most influential billionaires.

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Zuckerberg is such a tool. Just last year he was begging China to let Facebook operate, to no avail. Now he's claiming he doesn't operate Facebook due to Chinese censorship. Does he think people have such a short memory?
Haha, Zuckerberg and everyone else is realizing that Facebook is now so boomer.