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Hi guys, any idea how how I can download Harmony OS, I leave outside of China.
I have some seen tutorials, you really need a Chinese device model. Sadly my p40 pro is the global model or else I would have tried following along one of those tutorials.

About the desktop distribution -

The same way Apple is trying to make MacOS meet halfway to iOS, Huawei can reach it better because of having to start clean sheet.

Apple moving to M1 (ARM based) chips are also very positive for Huawei case.

If the Huawei mirco kernel thing is indeed solid dunk, it'd mean the path ahead to desktop is relatively easy. Microsoft Windows 11, looking at information so far, is also trying to move in a similar path as Apple with MacOS (although the initial push isn't going to be as drastic due to the need to accommodate programs built for legacy versions)

Google will also try to make inroads into Desktop. It's Fuschia OS smells like an attempt to create an apple like, iot supporting ecosystem ( I am not sure about this. Someone may correct.)

So all in all, Huawei isn't alone. The path is more or less clear.

This move to custom hardware and micro kernels seems to really be a thing in big tech.
From what I can remember micro kernels never really took off was because the hardware were never really optimized for micro kernels and messaging between the different components. Now that big tech is creating their own silicon designs they can optimize their hardware for micro kernel usage. I have seen a Huawei HarmonyOS kernel presentation from a couple of years ago that talked about this.

Might have been this presentation on youtube:
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Hi, how about android phone with China ROM, I read somewhere here that Harmony OS is currently compatible with android.
Harmony OS uses Android AOSP over the microkernel to achieve Android software compatibility. Don't pay attention to some pundits on the Internet who claim that Harmony OS is an Android fork. They are looking at the Android compatibility from a high level without investigating what Harmony OS actually is.


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Found this in the semiconductor thread. Some analyst believes Huawei will also make a desktop HarmonyOS. I guess it is expected if they have it for wearable, IOT, phone, tablets, cars, etc. I believe they have some cooperation or investment in UnityOS/Deepin.

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Wasn't that pretty much confirmed in their 2019 developer presentation? I believe its expected to be revealed at this year Huawei developers conference but the time tables might have changed because of all the things that happened.


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This is nice and all, but is it resistant to American sanctions? :p
I don't think any material thing in that bike is cutting edge that has to come from US. Design, software, integration and testing is the real sauce. That said, I smell your sarcasm:p So all is good. I am just amazed what young Chinese are up to nowadays. When I was in Shenzhen, I didn't even know Huawei existed. I could not even put together a mechanical bike, not mentioning an autonomous bike with AI operating software. Time has changed. I wish all US congressmen watch this video and ask themselves why.