New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in China


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Battery-maker Envision is on the roll. After the Frnace factory and Renault tie up, it will now build a UK factory and also supply Nissan. Good business


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How Samsung fall from grace? Arrogance. Same thing can be said about Tesla.
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Tesla’s Fall From Grace in China Shows Perils of Betting on Beijing​

@KYli bro such Hubris, without China Tesla will not take They are so used in Easy competition, instant gratification and monopolistic policy that it hindered their ability to compete. Its the reason for their love and hate relationship with China, they loathed them cause the Chinese expose their vulnerability and make them look bad at the same time a hidden admiration cause they make the impossible possible, a formidable enemy which they can't subdue. Bro I can't predict the political climate prevailing in the States and don't know the impulses of the populace but I'm certain there are rational political actors that will accept China as co equal. War is not an option cause Total victory is elusive and the probable result is Total destruction of mankind.