New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in China


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It is a telecommunication equipment company and it should focus on that.

Nope. It has long past being a telecommunication equipment company. It has already transitioned into a ICT company over the last decade. Its revenue mix reflects such. Plus it was a great strategy to branch out of the slow-growing telecom equipment business. Huawei has proved itself repeatedly to be quite nimble and capable to get into other industries, see its success in smartphone and other consumer gadgets, storage and other IT products, IC design. It also has a very strong software root. EV is more or less becoming an IT and tech industry. It's well suited for Huawei's DNA. In the last couple of years, we've witnessed how Huawei has transformed itself from largely a B2B company to a B2C company with strong consumer brand. It was quite impressive, to say the least.


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I find it unlikely that Chinese cars Will ever (in our lifetimes) take a large market segment in either EU or the US. The politics will not allow it, through sanctions, tariffs etc.


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I think it will happen eventually just like it did for Japanese and Korean cars.
But it might take 10-20 years for it to happen.
It would take a lot less time than that.

The Japanese and Koreans came into the market at a significantly lower price and quality segment. They had to fight their way up.

The Koreans are still trying to figure their own style out. They first tried copying the Japanese (Lexus, Benz), and now trending more German (Audi, Porsche).

The Chinese at least have some semblance of their own style and taste, owing to the fact that they have a large domestic market to work that out, prior to exporting.