New Chinese Military (export) vehicles thread


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Probably to keep prices down and familiarity for foreign customers.
It is gonna cut like 50000 off a 2 million dollar product while greatly reduce performance. There is a good reason PLA themselves are not doing this kind of conversion. As for maintenance that is China's after sale support's worry.


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The issue is you don’t actually have a “heavy” IFV. It can’t stop any threats, any heat round will go right through it, even m-72s.
From the front at the windows, sure, but the sides, idk... Also, I'm not sure this thing is supposed to be that close to the front lines. It is a support vehicle after all and its armaments don't need to be within 300 meters to engage.


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You people make it sound like money grows on trees. There is a reason why those countries opted for Type 59 in the first place.
I am rather surprised why someone who can only afford Type 59 can afford a bmpt like module on it.


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I can never understand the point of converting old Type 59. The personnel and new weapon module cost more than the tank itself. May as well use a better chassis to improve the performance.
This is because these chassis still have a life expectancy and there is a large surplus. Meanwhile some Chinese 2½ and 3 generation tank chassis have little life left and no surplus available.


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Thailand's FK-3/HQ-22.



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After seeing this hybrid tank i have a crazy idea

If T-90M's turret ring the same size as VT-4's could they mate a T-90M turret to VT-4 hull?
jusopt40w3y61.jpgVT-4_tank (1).jpg

Compare T-90M's driver seat (above) with VT-4 driver seat (below)
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