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I suggest we use this thread to post pictures and infos about new Chinese made military vehicles by companies such as Norinco, Poly or Shaanxi Baoji.

Last week in South Africa a few Chinese vehicles were present:

Chinese Company Norinco unveils the PLZ 52 a new tracked self-propelled howitzer 155mm.

At AAD 2012, the Chinese Company NORINCO is unveiling PLZ52, a new generation 155mm 52 Cal. self-propelled gun howitzer. It is developed based on the state-of-the-art artillery technologies of Chinese Army, along with the extensive experience and technical achievements accumulated in the well-proven PLZ45 155mm gun howitzer system, a famous flagship product of NORINCO that has been exported in large quantities.
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Chinese Company Norinco exhibits for the first time in Africa the CS/VA1 Light Strike Vehicle.

The CS/VA1 light strike vehicle combines low weight, high speed, and good cross-country mobility with fast attack firepower. It is configured for fast strike, scout and patrol missions.

The overhead main weapon can be a CS/LM5 12.7mm rotary MG, a 12.7mm / 0.50 inch heavy MG or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. With accurate and awesome firepower of 2,000 rounds per minute, the CS/LM5 12.7mm rotary MG can assault fast targets, such as low-level aircraft, light armoured vehicles and speed boats, as well as soft targets.

Depending on different tactical requirements, the auxiliary armament can be a 7.62 mm general purpose MG, a 5.56 mm squad MG, etc. On-board adaptors for automatic rifles and PF89 RPGs are also available.

At AAD 2012 the Norinco Light Strike Vehicle CS/VA1 was armed with a Chinese rotary machine gun CS/LM5 with 3 revolving barrels of 12.7x108mm caliber which can fire at a rate of 1,000 and 2,000 rds/min with selectable switch. An ammunition box is mounted at the left side of the weapon with 400 or 600 rounds ready to be use and 1,600 are carried inside the vehicle.
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Poly Technologies of China presents CS/VN4 armoured personnel carrier with Ingwe missile turret.

The layout of the Chinese CS/VN4 is very similar to other wheeled armoured vehicle personnel carrier with the driver and commander compartment at the front with the powerpack behind, and the soldier compartment at the rear.

The CS/VN4 uses a 6x6 chassis with independent suspension which provides high cross-country capability. The vehicle is motorized with a Cummins Diesel engine coupled to a mechanical multi-gear gearbox with synchronizer. The CS/VN4 can run at a maximum road speed of 100 km/h with a maximum road range of 970 km.

The crew compartment is equipped at the front with two large bullet-proof windows and one small window to each side to provide 180° high visibility. A single door is mounted between the first and the second tire. Each side of the hull is equipped with three small bullet-proof windows with firing port in the middle. One single door is available at the rear side of the hull with one single bullet-proof window with firing port in the middle.

At AAD 2012, the CS/VN4 was equipped with a small turret mounted on the top middle of the crew compartment armed with four anti-tank missile launcher Ingwe of South Africa. The vehicle can be also fitted with one-man turret armed with 30mm cannon, 12.7 mm machine gun.

Standard equipment of the CS/VN4 includes a central tyre pressure inflation system, rear camera, self-fire extinguishing system, run-flat system.
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Chinese Company Yiwu Xibeihu Special Vehicle at AAD with Xibeihu 8x8 light amphibious vehicle.

The Xibeihu 8x8 ATV is an amphibious vehicle which was researched and developed with the cooperation of the Armored Engineering Institute of PLA through several years of hard work. It is an amphibious and all-terrain vehicle in true sense.

Through each performance test and trial test drive, the Xibeihu 8x8 ATV has been proved to be able to travel freely in all kinds of tough terrains, such as on water, hills, swamp, snow, in the woods, in the desert and etc.

Besides, it can work continuously below or above the temperature of 40° and several key technologies has exceeded the international advanced level.

Xibeihu 8x8 can traverse over land and through water. With a payload of 500 kg on land (300 kg in water) and the ability to carry a crew of six to wherever danger strikes, the Xibeihu 8x8 ATV is the ideal vehicle for any armed forces environment. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 45 km/hr and 12 km/h on water.

The Xibeihu 8x8 ATV has been used by the Chinese armed and security forces in March 2008, at the anti-terrorism exercise in Yiwu city Zhejiang and in May 2011 during the exercises of Yongkang's Militia and Reserve Emergency team.
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Based on decades of field research and experiences in rural China, Xingda Moto proudly presents war-tested special transport vehicle HongVeee ™ with NATO compliance, currently deployed by French Army Infantry in Mali (see attached photo below).

Xingda Moto, jointly produced by Lao Ma & Sons Tech Imp&Exp Co.Ltd. (Yellow Bay Village, Ching Huang County, Inner Mongolia) and Da Shan Agricultural Commune Corp., is multi-functional all-weather all-terrain lightweight vehicle, deploying revolutionary 3-Wheel Drive ™ green technology delivering smooth 150ml thrust without afterburner. It can carry with ease despicable amount of fertilisers, harvests, white goods, merchandises, live stocks, French Special Forces…you name it!

Xingda Moto is much more economical, comfortable (aka airdry) and easier to maintain vís-a-vís amateurish GM and Toyota pickup truck wannabees, receiving wild popularity from front line NATO troops.

Wherever there’re sunshine, or without, there’re Xingda Moto.

Xingda, the crown jewel of the next generation NATO Infantry Transport!

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(Jean Schwarzenegger Coupé Jr. and associates… Mali, 2013)


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You forgot to add:
No technical training required, anyone can drive it from farmers to special forces only 5 minutes of instruction required.

Small writing terms and conditions apply, no guaranty of protection from... Anything :)


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I think the only Nato compliance for this vehicle is not rusting as easily as the regular Tricycle that they use in China. I think it is a very good vehicle to be used a light transport for protected grounds and anyone with knowledge of riding a motorcycle can easily drive this.

I am still surprised that a tricycle made it into the military, but hey cheap transport that cost less than $1000 USD with ultra low qualification to operate is something to think about


C'mon people, unless you're as thick as lead shielding in nuclear reactors or just plain joking, you should know this is just some civilian vehicles exported to Mali, that now either rented (hardly) or commendered (most likely) by the French forces to augment their vehicular mobility capabilities, until the bulk of their vehicles shipped/airlifted from France to Mali.


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Hey SD forum,

Newcomer here. This is my first post.

A megan convoy of PLZ45/52 Self Propelled Howitzer System were spotted in Alegria recently. Here is the original thread (in French):

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You mean, 1000 rds/m.

The still undesignated BK1060 8x8 35mm SPAAG - capable of using AHEAD airburst/anti-missile rounds. The high cadence implies a new revolver loading system, not unlike that of the Mauser BK 27mm.

I'd guess that its real designation would be something along the line of "PGL-09" and serve as the organic air defense asset of the 8x8 light mechanized units equipped with the ZBL-09 IFV and variants.