New Chinese Military (export) vehicles thread


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New Generation Autonomous Multi-Domain Rocket Launcher System (NAMRLS)



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I listened to guancha guys talk about IDEX 2023 today. And I think VN-20 has pretty good chance of winning UAE order or may have already won it. They were talking about all the customization Norinco made to satisfy UAE requirements. Pretty extensive stuff.

Also about the auto-reloader from earlier, that's also for GCC countries that are short on soldiers. A lot of the unmanned stuff are for GCC countries actually. Seems to me China is going to win a few more UAE contracts.

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NORINCO's PLZ-52 being demonstrated somewhere in the Middle East. Does anyone recognize which country this is from the uniforms of the soldiers?

Do we have the interior of PLZ-52? I'm curious if it has any type of loading assistance, since without it on tracked SPG I'd say it wouldn't be competitive with other offerings.


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I can never understand the point of converting old Type 59. The personnel and new weapon module cost more than the tank itself. May as well use a better chassis to improve the performance.