Myanmar/Burma civil conflict


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Very informing article that talks about establishment of a multi-ethnic Battalion that has completed training under the MNDAA. It also discusses the MNDAA's role in supporting various Spring Revolution movements.

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Peng Jiasheng the founder of the MNDAA has always advocated for an armed multi-ethnic alliance and during his funeral, leaders of almost every major ethnic militia attended his funeral along with Chinese officials from Yunnan. Interestingly enough, despite Peng Jiasheng's bitter battle with the Tatmadaw, his funeral was attended by Tatmadaw general Myint Tun. I imagine out of some mutual respect.

"After Chairman Peng Jiasheng gave us 100 guns, we took those 100 guns and two RPGs to fight back to our homeland, Arakan, and it was a crucial moment in our revolution,” Arakan Army leader Twan Mrat Naing said at a memorial service for the late MNDAA founder on March 29, 2022.


Not likely, most of these warlords have small army and with small population and greatly fragmented. More importantly, there are many different ethnic groups that have different interests and sponsor by different foreign entities. Most likely, they would gain more autonomy and form a stronger alliance to push government forces further south.


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LIB549 has been captured by MNDAA today. This is the 181st tatmadaw outposts/ camp/ bases captured since the beginning of
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While KNLA/ BPLA (Karen National Liberation Army) forces have captured tatmadaw LIB351 outpost in Shwe Kyin, Bago region. After 20 mins of fightings, troops fled. Weapons seized. Shwe Kyin is located in the western bank of Sittaung river.