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Wow, we have some very diverse people. :)
I speak English, Cantonese(Getting worse and worse...), some Mandarin, and 2 weeks of ultra-basic Spanish.

I thought Arabic was the Islamic language, spoken by those who are Muslim.....
The calls to pray are in Arabic.


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Prayers, yes, but all Islamic countries don't necessarily speak Arabic. Farsi, Turkish, Urdu, English (in the case of African nations), etc. are all languages spoken in Islamic nations.


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Mandarin, English, basic Korean( learn it from SK firends only basic stuff like digits, swear words:), i love u .....), i really wanna learn Italian and French
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Cantonese was my first language, but I'm better at English. I am learning Mandarin right now and it really sucks. :mad:

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Good chinese and English(atlest for high school)can speak some French amd ultra basic spanish plus some cantonese (taught by friend)


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Fluent English and Mandarin, but I have a little trouble reading Simplified Chinese... I'm fine with Traditional though (Since I was living in Taiwan)

I also have a lousy grasp of Japanese and Indonesian...


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fluent in american southeastern. Also fluent in american Midwest and nebraska farmer speak....:)