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Well i speak finnish ofcourse and outstanding english ( :p ) and not so outstanding swedish...


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i speak german and a german dialect called english ;)
and a little bit french (i had it 4 yrs in school but i dont really understand that weird language)


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mandarin, a bit of cantonese, tagalog (fil. language) English, Japanese Anime stuff and I speak medical lingo as well.

Ger mark is it not french and german combined formed English?
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I speak English. a little Spanish and little Tagalog(Filipino). My ex-wife could speak the Latin lanuguages just by listening...She spoke English, Tagalog, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Potugueese. It is amazing. She also could speak some Filipino dialects.


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Ger mark is it not french and german combined formed English
For the Record Anglo Saxon was a German dialect, modern English however is a combination of Anglo Saxon, Old Gaelic, Old Norse and Norman French, all sprinkled liberally with High Latin and a bit of Greek.

I speak English and very bad Cantonese.