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mandarin, english, and french (although it takes me awhile to think about what to say, i had 4 years of it and gonna take AP French next semester)


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Gollevainen said:
outstanding english ( :p )

anyway, i speak mandarin, a little cantonese (i've been in shenzhen for 6 years, and it's sad how i can only speak a little), english, and some spanish (actually im just taking the course in high school).


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got mandarin and english under my belt. speaks a bit of french, but i hate it, had to learn it for 5 years all thanks to the great canadian education system. and learning a bit of portugese at a time since my girlfriend's from Brazil ;)


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I can speak English and Mandrain fluently, but cannot write Chinese by hand very well. Fortunately there's the keyboard, hehee.

I also speak enough Spanish to get by in Mexico and not starve to death. Back in school I had the misfortune of taking latin, a very dead and useless language.


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I speak english and french fluently, can speak some chinese (just enough to maintain a basic conversation, taught to me by my girlfriend ;) ) I can understand some german but cannot talk german, (i only know some basic word like achtung, how to count, ich been ein canadianish and ich kein sprechen deutscher), speak some spanish and finnaly, I can read,write and speak LATIN !!


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Yes, it is very similar. It is generally considered that Afghanis speak Persian. The difference between the two are comparable to the difference between German German and Swiss German.

Yeah, many fools also think Iran is Arabic-speaking.