Ladakh Flash Point


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But what is the end strategy?

Indian GDP is forecast to decline by 9%-14% depending on which bank or agency you ask.
That is the worst performance of any major economy.

And the COVID-19 situation in India is only getting worse as the days go on.

The first reports of Indian civilians starving to death have also appeared.
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So Indian Dreams of attaining double digit GDP will finally materialize this year.
Except it will be in the opposite direction.


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I really don't understand why there are quite a few people who believe Modi is innocent in all of this and that this was just some commander level or below initiative by the IA. Under Modi, two extremely serious flareups have occurred : the one in Doklam in 2017 and the one that occurred this year. It was his decision to repeal Article 370's special status back in August 2019, which is one of the primary catalysts leading up to this year's standoff. It was also Modi's decision/green light to allow road construction to commence very close to Chinese positions in Ladakh earlier this year, something he himself had accused the Chinese of doing almost three years before at Doklam. Prior to Modi, there had not been any extremely serious border standoffs since 1987, and indeed none had led to bloodshed like Galwan since 1975.
Exactly. It was under Modi, that there was a the crossing of Indian jets across the Pakistan LOC since the last major Indo-Pakistan war. Its the first time this kind of cross-border air combat happened since both sides acquired nukes.

It is under Modi that we see a new type of anti-China propaganda in India. Vicious and unapologetic. It is under Modi that there is a full blown trade war between India and China.

It is no coincidence that India under Modi's leadership has some kind of dispute with all its neighbours. Bhutan could be an exception, but there are even rumours of some unease by Bhutan about India's intentions.

Modi is a typical garbage politician. All politics and no brain. He only takes the good credit and leaves the bad stuff for others to clean up. Covid-19 is a great example. He proudly announced the 'great Indian lockdown'. But the resulting turmoil and ineffectiveness of the lockdown is not his problem. Its the for individual state governments to sort out.

With China, he plays the 'Good cop', the 'reasonable man' that is holding back the mad dogs. All the while directing the mad dogs from behind to be the 'Bad cops' on China.

Political clowns like Modi have too many real world equivalents. From a dumb third world politician, to Trump, and finally to a typical dumb CEO in the corporate world.


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I really don't understand why there are quite a few people who believe Modi is innocent in all of this
At the time India elected Modi as Prime Minister, he was banned from travelling to the US, because he oversaw a state-sponsored massacre and mass rape in his home state (2002 Gujarat Riots). US Congressmen Conyers and Pitts cited Modi in their resolution for: "promoting the attitudes of racial supremacy, racial hatred and the legacy of Nazism through his government's support of school textbooks in which Nazism is glorified." And yet, Modi was still elected as India's PM.

"Innocence" is not a currency in the Indian political climate.
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