Ladakh Flash Point


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Can someone do the honours at the other you know where?
PDF. Pakistan's sinodefence equivalent.

Unfortunately India's DFI hasn't got the news yet..

Anyway, from what i can see, the PLA didnt mistreat the captured Indian soldiers. Just blindfolded them


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Why is it that only the Chinese are releasing photos? What happened to the video/photos of the 200 captured Chinese that we've been promised repeatedly by Bhakts on twitter? Why do they have to resort to literally using Bollywood screencaps to prove their point?


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Yikes they could barely walk... Some of the PLA soldiers looked upset though. No doubt they didn't want to return the POWs after what the heinous acts they committed against Commander Qi and Chen Hongjun.
Indeed, some didnt walk right, but maybe that was because they were blindfolded?

You know, instinctively when not seeing, we are terrified to walk. And if forced to walk, a lot of us would look like these Indians on the video

However some of them surely look like they got some beatings lol