JF-17/FC-1 Fighter Aircraft thread


JF-17B's canopy hinge mechanism.



:oops: ... may soon be the most widely operated combat aircraft in the world!!

Not sure what he smoked, but he should stop it! ;)
I think what the author wrote was a sour grape rather what he means the JF-17 will dominate fighter aircraft market.


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If JF-17 is junk then Tejas must be worse than junk.

Zero chance of being chosen. Couldn't they at least put it at 5 percent or something?
The only thing good on Tejas is probably its engine. If Jf17 manages to get an engine similar to or better than F414/EJ200 it'll be pretty neat. Not saying RD33/93 is bad, their lifespan are quite short. Maintenance became a burden on Mig29 users. Then again i've not heard about PAF complaining about RD93.