JF-17/FC-1 Fighter Aircraft thread

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You two are going to derail this thread with off-topic, super inflammatory stuff.

Can we all just agree that the decision from PAF to use a Turkish targeting pod is based on multiple points of consideration. It doesn't say anything about Turkish or Chinese pods. Pakistan is looking to cozy up with Turkey even more in future and military cooperation was always there and only seems to be increasing. Let it go.
Good advice: I encourage all forum members to keep a "cool head" during these trying times, and to encourage one another to do the same!

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Wow Air Force Brat when did you become a super moderator ??

congrats and well done

I have not been Visiting SDF for a while since some fanboys here are ruining it

well done and congrats again I will refrain from now
Thank you my friend, and thanks to all of our fine SDF Gentlemen for striving to keep SDF both friendly and professional, SDF is an "English Language Forum", all are welcomed and we particularly want to provide a China military forum, that is professional and welcomes all members, Chinese, European, Russian, and all others, thanks again.
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Why only a low quality repop of the original image? ;)

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Thanks for the image.

Maybe I am reading too much into it, but the wingtip launch rails have a very interesting and distinctive colouring that reminds me of the special colouring CAC likes to use for radar transparent composites used for sensor coverings.

Have there been any rumours or reports of the JF17 getting integrated jammers installed in their wingtip rails like some later Sino-flanker models?