JF-17/FC-1 Fighter Aircraft thread


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Just since I urgently needed to something very much different to all the regular work today and there was once again a post concerning the Block 3 would have a greater ground clearance (IMO not), bigger wings (not visible from this image, but IMO not), wider engine (nope) ...

JF-17 Block 1 vs Block 3.jpg
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The only meaningful difference introduced by blk 3 seems to be under the surface, in this case most likely limited to radar and associated software upgrades to allow for newer weapons. That's about it. But for anyone with no real delusions of how much Pakistan can and should spend on any JF-17 upgrades, this is pretty much an exercise in maximising the effectiveness of the fighter while controlling development and procurement costs. It's fair and expected and reasonable. Dreams of VLOing a relatively outdated and aerodynamically reserved frame would actually be a foolish enterprise. If blk 3 can track and fire PL-15s at maximum missiles travel ranges, along with any more bonuses, it's a winner for the money.

Where it actually could get interesting is electronic warfare equipment but we'll never learn of that.

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Big wig in the backseat.

Got this info from PDF - Gentleman sitting in the cockpit is Maj Gen (Pilot) Hamad Eqail Al-Nabet, Commander Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF) who was visiting PAC Kamra on 02 September, 2019 getting briefing from PAF JF-17B test pilot.

Yes, I do go to PDF every now and then :oops:

asif iqbal

JF17 holding its own against the worlds top fighter aircrafts

and then Block III comes along and says wait and minute hold to my beer