J-20 5th Generation Fighter VII


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Honestly the whole thing seems a little suspicious, the pilot only talks for like 3 seconds and it seems as if it was spliced from a bigger interview. Its just one quick blurb about thrust-vector engines, not even mentioning anything specific to J-20.


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Brief translation:
ifeng: In your opinion, what kind of TVC should J-20 have?
Li Gang: 2D TVC works like this. (demonstrating with his hands).

My observation:
  1. It is ifeng reporter, not CCTV reporter.
  2. The video belongs to "Xiao Yang Shi Pin", a youtube like video platform operated by CCTV. It does not belong to any CCTV official channel. Therefor this reporter is more like a "Self Media".
  3. Apperantly Li Gang's words were cut out from a full sentence. So he might not even talk about J-20's TVC. He might not even talk to the ifeng reporter.
  4. Even he was interviewed by this ifeng reporter, he did not say anything about J-20, not shown by the video at least.
My conclusion is, there is no value in this video. From the way the video is cut, I highly suspect that the ifeng reporter is deliberately fabricating 2D TVC using Li Gang's position. A very common practice by "Self Media".


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Supposedly spotted at Anshan. @Deino


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If the Chinese adopt 2D thrust vectoring nozzles for the J-20, it would be interesting to see if they opt for the big and heavy, bulky design used on the F-22, which effectively reduced the T:W ratio of the new generation F119 engine to be equal to that of the previous generation F100 engine, but which is stealthy and on the j-20 would help facilitated improved rear aspect stealth compared to its current nozzle, Or would they adopt a lighter, more compact derivative of the axial symmetric thrust vectoring nozzle, which reduces weight penalty, but does not improve rear aspect stealth.

I think which way they go will help clarify much about how the Chinese really intend to use the J-20 in a serious war.

Dylan Nguyen

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then what is the point of using 2D TVC?
I believe he was referring to the axisymmetric nozzle.

Axisymmetric nozzles are circular nozzles. 2D thrust vectoring nozzles are the ones used on the F-22.

I might have misinterpreted your comment, but I believe 3D thrust vectoring could have negative effects on the stealth characteristics of the aircraft. I’m not entirely sure.