J-20 5th Generation Fighter VII

WS10 is about the same size as AL31, how would just that change allow 6x PL15?
That is easily the most brow-raising claim there and threatens to discredit the whole article. However, if it had truly happened, then I imagine that the WS-10s were custom revised so their their support equipment (fuel lines, inputs, wiring, perhaps even the braces if new advances in material strength allows) were shifted and directed more to the sides to make more space in the middle so the bay could be expanded slightly. I still have great doubt, though...


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Unless they're talking about the slimmed down, folded fins "PL-15" built specifically for J-20 and any other future fighters with internal bays, there's simply no way the J-20's bay can be extended enough to fit 6 current PL-15s. The original J-20's bays looks like it can barely squeeze 6 PL-12s even with folded fins. The PL-15 have larger diameter but shorter wingspan than PL-12. Even if WS-10 custom fits with wiring, fuel lines, and gearbox arranged to extend the main bay, take a look at pictures of J-20 bays. There's just hardly any room left. The only solution is to slim down the missiles as much as possible without taking away range and fold the fins.


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But this was discussed ad nauseum ... each time again with the same result: There si currently not enough space for a 3rd PL-15 in each bay, period!
As such there is also no need to open up this can of worms again.
Wait so there's two smaller bays in the weapons bay that can only take 2 missiles each? Why not design it simply as a single bay and fit 5 missiles into it (from what I'm seeing on photos I think 5 PL-12 missiles can be crammed into there. 6 is just impossible.) As for PL-15 missiles I suspect it will be carried by fellow J-16s staying behind the front line of combat and fired when notified by the J-20s or AWACS. Or maybe they will be carried by UCAV drones as some sort of "loyal wingman" setup.
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TL-20 air-to-surface missile, range 60-100km (most commonly quoted as 85km), Beidou and inertial guided, length 1.8m. It's apparently smart enough to be able to tell between wheeled and tracked vehicles. The article says it's uniquely suitable for decapitation strikes.

J-20 can carry 12 in it's main weapon bay, J-16 can carry 20.

Given the news we've seen recently on J-20 being based close to Taiwan the emphasis on decapitation strike certainly seems interesting...