J-20 5th Gen Fighter Thread VI

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No, based on the aircraft shape displayed on the screen, it should be J-16.
So can we start assuming that the J-20 and J-16 use the same, if not very similar, MFDs in their respective cockpits?
Why? Because the MFD displayed an outline of an airframe that – to your eyes – resembled a J-16, so it has to mean that this MFD is adopted by the J-16? What if the outline was that of a F-15 Eagle, or one of a number of Western 4th-gen fighters that could fit the general contours of the graphic? Would that mean the MFD is installed on those fighters as well?

What if the MFD had displayed the outline of a chicken with its wings spread out? What then would that mean to you?

Why are you getting so hung up on that graphic? It's just a demo graphic.

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Not sure if we've seen this so far.

I haven't seen it either Siege, notice the right and left canards are "at rest" in an asymmetric position, I was always awestruck, as the FCS self calibrated shortly after start up, moving all control surfaces through a full range of motion and self checks very rapidly..

The long throw of all control surfaces insures recovery from any post stall maneuvering without the necessity of OVT.
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