J-20 5th Gen Fighter Thread V

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Hey I know now, why '2013' remained at CAC !!! ... it has been modified to the latest '2015' configuration including the darker gray part on the radome and most of all the same modified tail stingers !

LOL, Sina just reported that today! So either you know how to read Chinese (you liar! :D) or Sina is picking up their news from this forum!

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Now you guys do NOT miss a trick, you see the "trees" in the Forrest, while I can't see the Forrest for the trees,,, maybe you guys could send me one of them "Spy Kits, with the Sooper Secret magnifying glasses and decoder rings??? I just can't believe you guys???

Now why modify the tail stings! come on Chengdu, send Dieno and Jeff those plane tickets so they can do the OFFICIAL CHENGDU J-20 REVEAL, would make a great reality show?? NO?????

to my question????? must be radar? air awareness??? it surely couldn't be aero's could it??

rivets so it must be electronic gear access???
I am guessing the extensions at the tail is to better hide the engine heat signature. Notice how the bottom stablizers are also positioned to cover the engine nozzles from the side view?
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:) I'm in love... And what missile is that?

Now, upon closer examination, something looks off. It looks a bit manipulated. The lighting doesn't look right, and the surfaces of the plane look way too smooth compared to the grainy background. The missile looks especially suspicious.

I'm not saying it's photoshopped, but the image was at least heavily retouched, probably to offset the smog.

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: never mind, it's a confirmed photoshop product. Sorry!:oops:
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Guys, everyone is waiting for 2016.

Attempts to spoof SD forum and its members in an environment where there is high expectation for the real thing, no matter how good a spoof it is, will be deleted.

Posting something that is admitted to be a PS up front is fine...as long as it is stated up front.

We are waiting for the real 2016...thanks.

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